LOST: Whatever Happened Happened

What happens to little Ben? I’m sure that’s not the only question we’ll get answered in this episode. My recap follows the jump.

On the island: Jin is waking up, he’s told the hostile escaped. He tells Phil the hostile attacked him. He sees Ben. He’s bleeding from a gunshot wound to the belly. He says, “Please help.” Jin puts Ben in the van and goes to the barracks. Horace is telling everyone to be ready for their security assignments in case of an attack. Horace says he’s pretty sure Sayid started the fire. Jack questions how Sayid could do that since he was locked up. Horace says Sayid had help. The security cameras don’t show who set the van on fire. Ben’s dad, Roger, asks Kate for some mechanic help to pull the burned up van out of the house. Jin returns with Ben. Roger runs after them.

Kate is off the island with baby Aaron. She rings a doorbell. The woman who answers is Cassidy – the one who helped her when Kate found her mom. She tells Cassidy Sawyer sent her. Cassidy has an envelope full of money from Sawyer. Kate says he told her to take care of Clementine. Cassidy asks why Kate trusted her. She wants to know why Sawyer didn’t come back to the island. Kate tells her he jumped off the helicopter. Cassidy calls him a coward. She says, “He was trying to get away from you.” Cassidy tells Kate she has the same look on her face that she does when Sawyer dumped him. She asks if Kate’s son is Sawyer’s. Kate says she was pregnant before she met him. Cassidy says, “That’s not your baby, is it?” Cassidy wants to know why Kate is lying. Kate says, “Because I have to.”

On the island: Sawyer is watching surveillance videos. Kate shows up. She tells Sawyer the kid who was shot was Ben. Sawyer tells her to stop asking questions. Horace shows up. He asks why Kate is there. Horace asks if Sawyer has checked the cell. They go to the cell. They see the keys in the lock. They belong to a janitor. Jack is one of three janitors. Sawyer tells Miles to put Kate, Jack and Hurley in a house.

Roger is waiting outside a building for information on Ben. Sawyer asks if he has his keys with him. Roger says he must have left them at the house. Juliet is working on Ben. Sawyer asks where the doctor is. Juliet says he’s at the Looking Glass station. Juliet says she can’t stop the bleeding at that he needs a surgeon.

Jack is asking questions about why they’re being held. Miles calls Hurley “Tubby” – guess those nicknames are contagious! Hurley is looking at his hand to see if it’s becoming transparent. He says, “Back go the future, man. We came back to the island and changed stuff. So if little Ben dies, he’ll never grow up to be big Ben, who’s the one who made us came here in the first place. Which means we can’t be here and therefore, dude, we can’t be here in the first place.” Miles calls him an idiot. He says it doesn’t work that way. Sayid always shot Ben, it’s just that “we never experienced how it all turns out.” Miles says the good news is that Ben didn’t die, so the kid can’t either. Kate says it didn’t look like he was going to be fine. Miles says if he’s wrong, then they stop existing and none of it matters. Sawyer shows up and asks Jack for help. Jack says no. Sawyer says Ben will die. Jack says, “Then he dies.”

Kate asks Jack why he won’t help. Jack says, “We can’t change what already happened…Thirty years from now, that boy’s going to be a man that locks me in a cage because he needs surgery. Then you’re going to come in and you’re going to beg me to operate on him because he’s threatening to murder Sawyer. I’ve already done this once. I’ve already saved Benjamin Linus. And I did it for you, Kate. I don’t need to do it again.” Kate says it’s their fault. Jack asks if maybe the island wants to fix things itself – and perhaps he’s just getting in the way. Kate says she likes the old Jack who wouldn’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. Jack says, “You didn’t like the old me, Kate.” Kate leaves.

Juliet is tending to Ben. Kate shows up to give Ben blood. Juliet doesn’t understand why Jack wouldn’t help. She asks if something happened off the island. Kate tells her they were engaged. Roger shows up. He sits with Kate. He says, “(Ben) stole my keys.” Kate asks why he would do that. Roger says, “Because of me.” Roger asks if she has kids. Kate says she doesn’t. Roger says, “I thought I was going to be the greatest father ever. I guess it didn’t work out that way.” Roger tells Kate Ben’s mother died the day he was born. He said, “I guess a boy just needs his mother.” Ben starts gasping and the monitors beep. Juliet says Ben needs more oxygen. Roger is sent outside.

Hurley is still trying to sort things out. Miles tells Hurley their conversation already happened. Hurley wants to know why he doesn’t remember any of it. Miles says once Ben turned the wheel, time isn’t the same line anymore. Their experiences in the past and the future happened before these experiences right now. Hurley still doesn’t get it. Miles asks Hurley to shoot him. Hurley says he can’t do it because Miles won’t come back on the freighter. Miles says they can all die because this is  their present. Hurley says Miles said Ben couldn’t die. Miles says that’s because it’s his present. Hurley asks, “When we first captured Ben and Sayid tortured him, then why wouldn’t he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid?” Miles says he hadn’t thought of that.

Juliet tells Roger Ben is stable. She sends him to get supplies at the medical station. Roger thanks Juliet. Juliet tells Kate she can’t fix Ben. Juliet says maybe there’s something they can do. Kate says, “They?” Juliet says, “The Others.” They load Ben into a van. Kate says she’ll go alone. She doesn’t want Juliet to get in trouble. Juliet says she’ll have to tell Sawyer, but that she’ll give her a head start.

Kate is carrying Aaron. They’re in LA with Ben telling everyone at the docks to go back to the island. She leaves with Aaron. They walk in a grocery store. Kate’s phone rings. It’s Jack.She let go of Aaron’s hand. He’s missing. Kate runs through the store. She sees a blond woman walking off with him. The woman looks a lot like Claire.

On the island: Ben tells Kate to tell his dad he’s sorry he stole his keys. A van approaches them. Sawyer is in it. Kate says she can’t let Ben die. Sawyer says he’s not there to stop her. He’s there to help her.

Future time: Kate is walking with Ben to a house. Clementine answers the door. Kate tells her about going back to the island. She tells Cassidy she lost Aaron at the store. She says she wasn’t surprised. She was thinking, “It’s about time.” She doesn’t understand why she would expect Aaron to be taken. Cassidy says, “Because you took him, Kate.” Kate says Claire left him. Aaron needed her. Cassidy says, “You needed him. Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?”

On the island: Kate asks Sawyer why he’s helping. Sawyer says he asked that same question. Juliet said the kid shouldn’t die. Sawyer said he’s helping for Juliet.  They walk into the jungle with Ben.

Juliet busts into the home where Jack and Hurley are. Jack is in the shower. He sees Juliet. She says, “I needed you…that kid was bleeding out. You’re a surgeon and I needed you.” Jack says he can’t help. She tells Jack Kate is trying to save Ben. She sent Sawyer with him because they actually care. She says they didn’t need saving. She asks Jack why he came back. Jack says, “I came back because I was supposed to.” He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Juliet tells him he better figure it out.

Sawyer and Kate are still walking. She tells Sawyer Roger thinks Ben broke Sayid out. She asks why Sawyer asked her to take care of his daughter. He asks what she’s like. Kate says she’s beautiful and looks like him when she smiles. She says Clementine already has a little attitude. She tells Sawyer that Cassidy thinks Sawyer jumped off the chopper because of what would have happened if he didn’t. Sawyer says he wasn’t fit to be her boyfriend or Clementine’s father. She says things seem to be working out with Juliet. He says he’s done a lot of growing up. The Others show up. Sawyer demands to be taken to Richard Alpert.

Off the island: Kate knocks on the door to Claire’s mother’s hotel room. Kate tells her Aaron is her grandson. She says Claire is alive. Kate says they left other survivors behind on the island. Kate says Claire disappeared and left the baby behind. She says that’s when she started taking care of Aaron. She said Claire wanted Aaron to be adopted, but she couldn’t do it. Kate says she needed him. She says she told him she’s his grandmother and that she’ll take care of him. Kate says she’s going back to find Claire. Kate cries while watching Aaron sleep. She leaves him in the hotel room.

On the island: The Others are leading Kate, Sawyer and Ben to Richard. Sawyer says, “Don’t worry. We got them right where we want ’em.” Richard shows up. He asks if that’s Ben. He asks what happened. Kate tells Richard they need him to save Ben’s life. Richard looks at him and says, “If I take him, he’s not ever going to be the same again.” Richard says Ben will forget it happened and his innocence will be gone. “He will always be one of us.” Sawyer hands him over. One of The Others tells Richard he shouldn’t do it without asking Ellie. Richard says he doesn’t need permission. Richard walks off into the jungle. Sawyer and Kate leave. Richard takes Ben to what appears to be Jacob’s place.

An adult Ben is sleeping on a cot. He wakes up. John is looking at him. He says, “Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Next week: Judgement Day for Ben!

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One Comment on “LOST: Whatever Happened Happened”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Sawyer broke Kate’s heart? So, when the helicopter was plunging toward the ocean, Sawyer’s first thought was to jump in order to . . . avoid having a relationship with Kate? We’re expected to buy this crap?

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