DWTS Season 8: Top 11 Perform

I have given up on thinking The Woz will (rightfully) go home. I’m thinking Holly will find herself in the red light again Tuesday. If you missed Monday’s show, watch it online here. Get my recap after the jump.

Couple: David & Kym

Dance: Lindy Hop

If anyone can have fun with this, it has to be David! This had some great stunts. It was fun to watch. It made me smile. I think David looked the most relaxed he’s ever been on this show. Well done! That’s how you start the show!
Len said it had fun, energy – they captured the flavor of the dance. He thought David lost a bit of the rhythm – not his best, not his worst. Bruno said it was great to see David come out with energy. He says at times, David lost a bit of timing on his footwork. Otherwise, he thought it was a good performance. Carrie Ann thought it was great. She thought David kicked up the energy and didn’t lose timing.


Couple: Lil’ Kim & Derek

Dance: Argentine Tango

Wow – that costume of Kim’s! I’m glad she showed her lil’ legs because it helped me focus on her feet. The way she moved was so graceful and (dare I say) sexy! She danced this like she has done it before. She made it look easy! The lifts were really good, too! I am so impressed with Lil’ Kim! And Derek was good, too!

Bruno said it was more than a tango, that was the tale of a fatal beauty…with the promise of forbidden pleasure. Carrie Ann called Lil’ Kim the real deal. She said the drama and lines were beautiful – Kim looked like she was four inches taller. Len was knocked out with the choreography, not so impressed with the sensuality of the dance. He said it was lacking. Carrie Ann said it was hot. Bruno said the fire department was outside.


Couple: Chuck & Julianne

Dance: Lindy Hop

The lifts in this one were fun. These two are just cute! Watching them hop around the stage made me happy. They looked like they were having a good time. And the little carhop outfits were cute! I don’t think this was as challenging as David’s dance, but it was good.

Carrie Ann liked it. She said Chuck is having fun. She wants to see him go for it to the point where he almost loses control. Len said it was competent. He said Chuck needs to come up to a higher level. Bruno said the style was wonderful, but said it was loose around the edges. He wants the dance crispier.


Couple: Lawrence & Edyta

Dance: Argentine Tango

I don’t know what it is about Lawrence, but I keep waiting for him to wow me. Maybe I’m comparing him to some of the other former NFL players who’ve danced well, but I want more from Lawrence. I’m hoping I get it tonight. This was OK. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t see these two connected like the other couples.

Len said it was a difficult dance, especially if you’re not from the entertainment world. He said Lawrence remembered the routine. It lacked passion. Bruno thought Lawrence was menacing and intense. Len said Lawrence was just walking around. Bruno said Lawrence was walking at a time and the tango requires the feet to glide. Len said Lawrence needed to stalk like a panther. Carrie Ann said Lawrence did fine with the choreography, but thought it lacked chemistry.


Couple: Ty & Chelsie

Dance: Lindy Hop

I was a little confused, because they started playing the package for Steve & Karina, then they got back to Ty and Chelsie. I’m hoping Ty doesn’t treat Chelsie like she’s a bull and toss her around too hard! Wow! This made me want a nap! Their arms and legs must be so sore! There was so much movement in this dance! I really liked it. Ty is really looking like he’s having a good time. He’s becoming a dancer! Jewel should be proud. She looked like she was – she gave it two thumbs up!

Bruno said Ty was jumping, kicking and skipping with the vitality of a young stallion. He thinks Ty is still a little rough around the edges, but he’s coming on leaps and bounds. Carrie Ann said “Ty Murray is a dancer!” She said Chelsie is an incredible teacher. Len said Ty is beyond his expectations. He was dreading seeing Ty do this dance. He said there was a tiddly blunder, but it was great.


Couple: Steve & Karina

Dance: Argentine Tango

I have very low expectations here. Steve is goofy. I can’t imagine him being passionate and sexy. Sorry. I’m sure the Wozniacs will try their hardest to get him to stay in the competition. I’m waiting for him to show me he’s a dancer, not some silly guy kicking his legs and flailing his arms about. Karina’s strategy: wear very little, look at me! The first part of the dance involved more of them playing with a chair. This looked like a parody of the Argentine tango. I think Karina did a good job. Steve, not so much.

Carrie Ann said she loves that Steve is the ultimate under dog. She said it felt like it was long. She said there wasn’t much going on. Len said it was an attempt at a proper tango. He admires Steve’s spirit. He saw an improvement from last week – but anything would be. Bruno said the only right think Steve picked up was the stench of the dance’s origins. Steve said, “I’m still standing,” that’s a nod to Bruno’s appearance in an Elton John video by the same name.

SCORE: 12 (well, that’s higher than his “10” from last week)

Couple: Melissa & Tony

Dance: Lindy Hop

Wow! Crazy lift right out of the gate! This might be the most difficult dance of the night. These two made it look effortless. Fantastic! The audience gave it a standing ovation.

Len said Melissa has the potential to go all the way. He said the last lift was a little sticky, but overall, he liked it. Bruno said it was eye-popping fun. He said for the first time, Melissa showed the full range of steps. Carrie Ann gave them a high five. She said she’s impressed. She said the lifts were difficult. She said it was Tony’s best choreography.

SCORE: 29 (highest score of the competition – so far)

Couple: Holly & Dmitry

Dance: Argentine Tango

Holly hurt her ribs during the samba. She strained the muscles around her ribs. Holly nearly fell of a stool she was sitting on during the dance. She seemed to lose some of the steps. I know she was a Playmate, but she was not very sexy in this dance. I was thinking that would be the one thing she’d be able to pull off. I’m disappointed.

Bruno said it had a bad start and got worse. He said she lost her confidence. He said at times, it looked good. He said she needs to drop the Barbie and bring out the vixen. Carrie Ann said Holly did hang in there and she can see that Holly is in pain (she’s also got bruised legs). She said Holly is not building strength. She wants Dmitry to work on Holly’s confidence and strength. Len liked Dmitry’s choreography. He said Holly was thinking about the mistake she made at the beginning. He can see an improvement coming on, but she needs to work on her strength.


Couple: Steve-O & Lacey

Dance: Lindy Hop

Steve-O didnt’ look as pained this week as he has in the previous weeks. He did sometimes look like he was following Lacey to see what he needed to do next. Following Melissa’s lindy hop, this one was just OK. Not so many lifts, the steps weren’t great.

Carrie Ann said Steve-O has had a rough road. She’s proud that he got through the routine. She said he’s starting to let go, but his musicality is off. Len said the timing is the big issue – he’s got to stay on time with the music. Bruno said this was more hopping mad than lindy hop. He said it was all over the place.


Couple: Gilles & Cheryl

Dance: Argentine Tango

Gilles has one thing going for him that no one else doing this dance has: instant sexiness. I’m not just saying that because I caught the “SATC” movie on HBO this weekend! From the very first beat of the music, this was hot. Every step was like action/reaction. There was passion that I had not seen all night. This dance had the perfect ending: an amazing half flip! LOVED IT! The audience gave it a standing ovation. Tom Bergeron called it “fierce!”

Carrie Ann was fanning herself. Len said it was another fantastic performance. He said he had not seen a mix of hard, soft, fast, slow, drama, passion – and Gilles showed every element. Bruno said, “Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is the quintissential Latin lover.” He said it had ferocious intensity. Carrie Ann said she can’t feel her face. She pointed at Gilles wife and gave her a woo hoo. She said she could not tell who was the professional in the dance. I smell a perfect score…


Couple: Shawn & Mark

Dance: Lindy Hop

I am expecting CRAZY flips in this dance! Fingers crossed for Shawn! She started off with some flips. The silly shorts and socks kind of worked with the choreography. I think Shawn should be able to do all her dances in sneakers – she seemed to be more comfortable moved so easily. This was fun!

Bruno said Shawn gave a spectacular feast of gymnastics. He said she should do more dancing. Carrie Ann said Shawn was heavy on the footwork, but the gymanstics tricks were great. Len said there were too many tricks, not enough dancing.


Tuesday, two couples will get the boot. Wonder if there’s a dance off? Boys II Men and Kevin Rudolph will perform during the show. Find out at 8pm!

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