LOST: He’s Our You

As usual, I’m hoping for more answers and expecting more questions from this episode of “Lost.” Get the recap after the jump!

Tikrit, Iraq: A man has a child by the collar. He’s telling him to kill a chicken. The boy doesn’t want to. Another boy comes up with a hand full of chicken feed. He grabs one chicken, snaps his neck, then hands it to the other boy. The boy tells his dad he didn’t do it. The father says, “Well, at least one of you will be a man.” He says, “Well done, Sayid.”

The Island: Ben has brought Sayid a chicken salad sandwich. Horace told him to take Sayid food. He also took Sayid a book (“A Separate Reality”). Ben asks if Richard sent him. Sayid looks up at the camera watching him. Ben says they can see but they can’t hear. Ben tells him four years ago he ran into the jungle and met Richard. He said he wanted to join them. He told Sayid if he was patient, he could help him.

Moscow: A man is running through a series of rooms. Someone is after him. He opens a safe just as Sayid shows up with a gun. The man is waving money at Sayid and he shoots him. Sayid leaves. He meets Ben. He tells Ben the guy tried to bribe him. Then, Sayid asks where they’re going next. Ben says nowhere. He says they’re done. He says Andropov was the last one who was a threat to his friends.  Ben tells Sayid to go live his life – they’ve taken care of everyone in Widmore’s group that was after them.

The Island: Horace shows up in the cell with Sayid. He has some clippers. He takes off Sayid’s handcuffs. He asks for Sayid’s name and wants to know what Sayid was doing in the jungle. Horace asks why Sayid had handcuffs. He wonders if Sayid is in trouble or is a spy. Sayid doesn’t say anything. Horace says he’ll give him an hour to decide to talk. If Sayid doesn’t say anything, Horace says he’ll “take this to the next level.”

Juliet is staring out a window. She’s watching Jack and Kate. She asks Sawyer if they’re over. She says, “I never actually thought they’d come back.” She wonders what will happen if Sayid talks. Sawyer says he has everything under control. Horace shows up and says Sayid isn’t talking. He says, “I’m just going to have to have Oldham do his thing on him.” Sawyer asks to have a go at Sayid alone. He says, “He’ll talk to me.”

Sawyer shows up at the cell. He tells Phil to take his lunch. Sawyer asks how he’s doing. Sayid says he met Ben. Then Sayid asks how he can live with Ben. Sawyer says he doesn’t have a choice. Sawyer apologizes to Sayid, then head butts him. He says he will tell them he got a confession that Sayid was defecting from The Others. He tells Sayid he can’t let him go because the Dharma people trust him. Sawyer tells Sayid he can either cooperate or be on his own. Sayid says, “Then I guess I’m on my own.”

Hurley, Jack and Kate are eating. They’re trying to figure out what’s going on with Sayid. Hurley brings up the fact that Juliet and Sawyer are together. Hurley leaves to make waffles. Kate asks if Jack new about Sawyer and Juliet. He says yes.

Sayid is in the cell. Ben’s dad comes in with a mop. He asks how Sayid got caught. Sayid makes a crack about him mopping up after the Dharma people. Ben shows up with food. He’s surprised to see his dad. He says he brought the sandwich for him. His dad doesn’t believe him. He slams Ben against the cell bars. Ben says he brought the sandwich for Sayid. He’s sent home.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Sayid’s working on building a house. Ben shows up. He tells Sayid John is dead. He thinks John was murdered as retribution for the work he and Sayid was doing. He says Sayid is in danger. He says the same man that killed John is watching Hugo outside the mental institution, likely waiting for either Ben or Sayid to show up to see Hurley. He says Sayid is capable of killing – it’s in his nature, what Sayid is: a killer. Sayid says, “I’m not what you think I am. I don’t like killing.” Ben apologizes and says, “I was mistaken about you.”

The Island: Sawyer tells Sayid it’s his last chance. Sayid doesn’t say anything. Sawyer zaps him with something, then says to take him to Oldham. They go to a tent where jazz music is playing. Oldham comes out. He stops the music. Sayid asks who he is. Sawyer says, “He’s our you.” He puts something on a sugar cube, then tries to give it Sayid. Sayid moves away. Oldham says to put him in the restraints. Sayid tries to fight, but can’t break free. Oldham says the restraints are for his protection because there are side effects to what he’s giving him. Then, he makes the men open Sayid’s mouth and puts the cube inside. He tells Sayid to turn his mind off. He tells Sayid it’s beyond his control. He says one thing is for sure: Sayid will tell the truth.

Los Angeles: Ben is trying to convince everyone to go back to the island at the docks. Sayid walks away saying he doesn’t want any part of it. He says to Ben, “If I see you again, it will be extremely unpleasant for us both.” Sayid is sitting in a bar, drinking McCutcheon scotch. A woman asks why Sayid would pay $120 for a glass of scotch. Sayid asks if she’s a prostitute. She says she’s not a professional anything. She thought he looked sad. She likes sad men. Sayid says he’s sorry to hear that. She asks what Sayid does for a living. He says he’s between jobs. She asks what he did. He says the only thing he was good at. He’s trying to change. She says she knows why he was sad. “When there is something you’re good at, there are always people trying to tempt you to stay the same.”

The Island: Everyone is watching Sayid. Oldham starts asking Sayid questions. He tells him his name. Sayid says he was in handcuffs because he’s a bad man. He says he’s not a hostile. He says he came on a plane, Ajira flight 316 – that’s how he returned to the island. He says the first time, he was on the Oceanic flight, there on the island for 100 days, then left. He says to ask Sawyer. They don’t know Sawyer. Oldham asks about the stations. Sayid says The Flame was a communications station, The Pearl was to observe other stations, The Swan was to study electromagnetism. Radzinsky says Sayid is a spy because they haven’t named or built The Swan. Sayid says they’re all going to be killed. Horace asks how he would know. Sayid says he’s from the future. Oldham thinks he gave Sayid too much of whatever he gave him. Sayid says he used exactly enough and starts laughing.

Juliet is showing Kate around the mechanic shop. Juliet says it’s a relief that someone else told Kate about her and Sawyer. Sayid is returned back to his cell. He sees Kate and Juliet. Kate won’t look at Sawyer.

The Dharma people have a meeting to discuss what to do with Sayid. Horace says Sayid violated the truce.  Horace says they have a rule of law and have given Sayid every chance to cooperate. Radzinsky calls Sayid a spy. Sawyer says Sayid escaping shows he had problems with his people. Radzinsky says the longer Sayid is with them, the more danger they’re in. He tells Horace to call for a vote. He says if they don’t make a decision, he’ll call Ann Arbor and let them make the decision. Amy says they have to think about Ethan and all the children. She says they can’t feel safe with Sayid there. They vote. All but Sawyer vote to kill Sayid. Horace says he’d like the vote to be unanimous. Sawyer raises his hand.

Los Angeles: Sayid and the woman are kissing. He slowly unzips her boot. She kicks him, then pulls a gun on him. She says she is a professional hired to take him to Guam by the family of Peter Avellino – the guy he killed on the golf course. She says he’s going to answer to what he’s done.

The Island: Sawyer walks into Sayid’s cell and tells him to hit him in the face, then take the keys and go. He asks Sayid to promise not to shoot Phil. He tells Sayid they’re going to kill him. Sayid says he’s going to stay. He says when he woke up in the jungle and realized he was back on the island, he thought there was no purpose. Now he knows why he’s there. Sawyer says he’s out of his mind.

Sawyer goes home, looks toward Kate’s home, then goes there. He asks Kate why she came back. Kate says she doesn’t know why everyone else came back. She just knows why she did. Then a burning van comes crashing through the barracks. An alarm sounds. People come scrambling out of the home. Sawyer turns on the water. There’s an explosion. Sawyer is shouting directions. Jack asks what happened. He says, “Three years, no burning buses, y’all are back for one day…” Juliet and Jack are working to put out the fire. Sawyer tells everyone to get to building 15. Phil leaves the jail. Someone in a cloak shows up. He goes to Sayid. It’s young Ben. His glasses are broken. Sayid tells Ben his father was a hard man, too. Ben says he hates it there. He asks if he lets Sayid out, will he take him to his people. Sayid says he will. He says, “That’s why I’m here.”

Los Angeles: Sayid is being escorted through the airport in handcuffs. He asks if she’s sure they’re going to Guam. She says yes. Sayid sees Hurley and Kate. He asks to get the next plane. The woman says that’s the plane they’re taking. He sees Ben get on the plane. He asks the woman if she’s working for Benjamin Linus. She asks who he is. Sayid says, “He’s a liar, a manipulator, a man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself, a monster responsible for nothing short of genocide.” She asks why she would work for somebody like that. Sayid says, “I did.”

The Island: Ben lets Sayid out. They go running through the jungle. A van approaches. Sayid tells Ben to hide. It’s Jin. He asks how Sayid got out. Sayid says Ben helped him. Jin wants to talk to Ben. Jin tries to talk to Sawyer, Sayid knocks him down and takes Jin’s gun. Sayid tells Ben he was right about him. He says, “I am a killer.” Then he shoots Ben. Sayid is crying as he runs off into the jungle

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