LOST: Namaste

After a one week break, I’m dying to know what happens now that the Oceanic 6 have returned to the island and reunited with their friends! If you missed last night’s show, watch it here, then read the recap. Then, share your thoughts in the comments section.

The show starts with the six on the plane. The co-pilot recognizes Hurley as one of the Oceanic 6. Frank Lapidus tells him that maybe Hurley doesn’t believe lightning will strike twice. Then, the plane starts to shake. There’s a white flash and suddenly the plane is losing power and it’s daylight. The plane lands on an island and it hits some trees. Frank is bloody. The co-pilot is dead. He walks into the cabin. Caesar wakes up the woman who was traveling with Sayid. Sayid is gone. Sun is on the plane. Frank helps her. He asks about everyone else. Kate, Hurley and Jack are missing. Ben says they’re gone. Frank asks where. Ben says, “How would I know.”

Thirty years earlier… Kate, Jack and Hurley are meeting Sawyer. Hurley hugs Sawyer, who calls him “Kong.” Kate and Sawyer hug. He says, “You’re really here. Locke said he was going to bring you back. Where is he?” Jack tells him John is dead. Hurley asks why Jin and Sawyer are in the Dharma jumpsuits. Sawyer tells them they’re in the Dharma Initiative. Jack asks if they came back to the island. Sawyer says it’s 1977. Hurley says, “Uh, what?” Then, they compare notes. They both note it’s been three years since they left the island. Jack tells them Sayid, Frank and Sun were on the plane. Jin goes to look for the plane. Sawyer tells them to stay put until he figures out how to explain where they came from.

Juliet walks into a surveillance room and asks Miles if he’s seen Sawyer. Miles looks at the monitors. He sees Sawyer. Sawyer is back at his home gathering Dharma clothes. He tells Juliet, “They’re back.” Sawyer says he has to find a way to explain their arrival. Juliet says there’s a sub coming in the afternoon.

Jin goes into a hatch called The Flame and starts printing something. A guy named Radzinsky is telling Jin not to touch anything. Jin says he needs the radar logs to know if a plane landed on the island. Radzinsky gives him a sarcastic response about him knowing if that had happened. Jin grabs him by the collar and tells him to check with the other stations. He asks Jin why the plane is so important and Jin says, “It just is.”

Sun is on the beach, holding Sun’s wedding ring. Everyone else that was on the plane is on the beach. Frank tells everyone the plane’s radio is dead and that everyone should stick together until help arrives. Caesar asks where “here” is. Frank explains the island is not on his charts. Caesar says there are buildings and animal cages. Ben walks off into the jungle. Caesar says he wants to search the buildings. Sun goes off after Ben. Ben asks why she’s following him. She asks where he’s going. He says, “Back to our island. You wanna come?”

Juliet goes to get the sub manifest and wakes Amy, who’s sleeping in a hammock. Amy says two people aren’t getting on the sub because they don’t want to take the sedative. Juliet picks up Amy’s baby. Amy says she and Horace decided to name the baby Ethan. Amy asks when Juliet and Sawyer will have a baby. Juliet says the timing has got to be right.

Kate asks Jack if the woman who told them to come back mentioned it would be 30 years ago. Jack says no. Kate asks what they’re supposed to do. Jack says he’s not sure. Sawyer returns. He tells them they’re going to be the second batch of recruits coming in on the submarine. Sawyer says everyone is knocked out and no one meets each other until they get off the sub. Kate tells Jack they should listen to Sawyer. Hmmm…role reversal?

Jin learns none of the other stations have reported a plane. One of the computers starts beeping. There’s a “hostile inside the perimeter.” Jin grabs a gun and goes running. Radzinsky follow him. Jin finds Sayid. Radzinsky shows up. They point their guns at Sayid. Jin says, “Say another word and you’re dead.”

Hurley is asking Sawyer about what he’s doing. Hurley says, “You do realize those dudes get wiped out, right?” Hurley asks Sawyer if he’s going to stop it from happening. Sawyer says he’s not there to play Nostradomus and that Farraday has some interesting theories about what they can and can’t do. Jack asks if Daniel is there. Sawyer says, “Not anymore.” They arrive at the barracks. There’s music playing. It’s festive. Sawyer puts leis on them. He says Juliet has put their name on a list, they’ll watch a video, then wait for their name to be called and get their jobs. Hurley asks who’s president in 1977. Hurley says it’s not a game show. Miles shows up. He sees Jack, Kate and Hurley. He asks about them. Miles tells him about Jin finding a “hostile.” Radzinsky puts Sayid in a closet. Jin tells him it’s Sayid. Jin tells Sawyer Sayid was alone.

Ben and Sun are walking through the jungle. Sun asks why Ben is leaving. Ben asks why she’s staying. Sun asks if Jin is on the main island. Ben says he doesn’t know, but that’s where he’d start looking. Frank catches up to them. He asks what they’re doing. Sun says she’s going back to the main island with Ben. Frank asks if she can trust Ben. Sun says, “I have to trust him.”Ben walks off and Sun follows. Frank is still with them when they reach the outrigger. Frank tells Sun to think about what she’s doing – that Ben is dangerous. He says the boat he was on was filled with guys who came to get Ben. Ben says, “How’d that work out?” Ben says if anyone can help Frank and the crash survivors get off the island it’s the people at the barracks. Well, he was trying to say that when Sun whacked him with an oar. Frank says, “I thought you trusted this guy.” Sun says, “I lied.”

Jack and Kate are waching the video welcoming them to island. Jack’s name is called. Peter Chang welcomes him. He asks Jack for the name of his shuttle driver. Jack says it was LaFleur. Jack’s job assignment is the shed. He’s a work man. Jack will be doing janitorial work. A guy walks over to Kate. He doesn’t find her name on the list. She’s not on the sub manifest. Juliet shows up with a new list from Amy. Juliet says it has some last minute replacements – including Kate. Juliet apologizes for the mix-up. She introduces herself to Kate and welcomes her to the island.

Sawyer asks what happened. Jin says Sayid was wearing handcuffs and walking alone. Radzinsky won’t leave Sayid alone. He tells Sawyer that Sayid saw the model of The Swan and Sayid could be a spy. Radzinsky says they should shoot Sayid. Sawyer says, “I appreciate your input, Quick Draw, but I want to talk to him.” Jin brings Sayid out. Sawyer tells Sayid he’s LaFleur – the head of security. He tells Sayid to identify himself as a hostile. He says the terms of the truce say he has to identify himself as a hostile or he will be shot. Sayid says, “I am one of them.” Sawyer says he’s taking Sayid to the barracks. Radzinsky says he’s going to talk to Horace.

Sun and Frank are getting off the outrigger on a dock. It’s dark. There are leaves rustling. Sun says it was probably just an animal. They keep walking. The barracks are abandoned. The ghosts are whispering. Then, it stops. A light comes on in one of the homes. The door opens. It’s Christian. Sun says she’s looking for her husband. Christian says to follow him. Christian is looking at the group pictures. He grabs one from 1977. He tells Sun Jin is with her friends. The door blows open and it’s raining outside. He shows Sun the picture, then says, “I’m sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you.”

Everyone is taking that group picture. Instead of “cheese,” they say, “namaste.” Sawyer shows up with Sayid. They take him into some jail cell. Sawyer says they should bring him some food. Jack asks a guy where James LaFleur lives. The guy says he shouldn’t call him “James.” He hates it. Jack knocks on the door. Juliet answers. She hugs Jack. She says they’re not supposed to know each other. Jack says he must have come to the wrong house. Juliet tells him to come in. She says, “I’m sure you two have a lot to talk about.” Jack asks about Sayid. Sawyer said he had to improvise. He says for now, Sayid is safe. Jack asks where they go now. Sawyer says he’s working on it. Jack says it looks like he was reading a book. Sawyer says, “I heard once Winston Churchill read a book every night – even during the blitz. Said it made him think better. It’s how I like to run things. I think. I’m sure that doesn’t mean that much to you because back when you were calling the shots, you pretty much just reacted. See, you didn’t think, Jack. As I recall, a lot of people ended up dead.” Jack says he got them off the island. Sawyer says, “But here you are, right back where you started. So I’m going to go back to reading my book and I’m going to think because that’s how I saved your ass today and that’s how I’m going to save Sayid’s tomorrow.” He sends Jack out the door. Sawyer sees Kate outside. He waves to her. She waves back.

A kid shows up to deliver Sayid a sandwich. The kid asks Sayid if he’s a hostile. Sayid says, “Do you think I am?” The kid asks for his name. Sayid asks for his. It’s Ben. Sayid says, “It’s nice to meet you, Ben.”

Next week, Sayid is tied to a tree. He says they’re all going to die. Juliet tells Kate to stay away. Sawyer tells Sayid he’s on his own. Sayid says he knows exactly why he’s there – then he shoots a gun! Can’t wait!!

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