Dancing with the Dogs

Tuesday night about 8:30 I was on my way to some type of police chase on the west side just off 151 and Portranco road when Charles got the call. “Bandera the city?” He asked. “I thought you meant Bandera Rd!” That phone call from our assignments desk was the beginning of our journey. With Charles in charge of navigating from Google maps, we headed through ….

the winding roads and hills on whatever FM road Culebra turns into. About an hour later, after passing Medina Lake, crossing some spooky creek with water up to the road, getting turned around and leaving paved roads for gravel roads, we finally arrived. It\’s pitch dark outside. The only light is from the high beams blasting from the live van. When I step out of the van the stench is awful. Authorities removed 40 animals from a house in an apparent animal hording case. By the time we got there all the animals had been taken out of the house and the rescuers were about to leave. With the camera on my shoulder I move in close to the horse trailer loaded with a dozen or so crates to get video. The smell is so awful I have to hold my breath so I don’t barf. The rescuers, including volunteers from Diamond Dachshund Rescue and the Hill Country Animal League of Boerne, tell us they have only seen cases like this on TV. I don’t know if it was just psychological or what but I swear I could still smell the stench when I got back to downtown San Antonio. David Sears filed this report the next day.

I went to the Bexar County Humane Society on Monday to meet members from the San Antonio Dog Training Club. They offer several different dog training classes at the Humane Society’s education center during the week. One of the classes offered is the Freestyle Dance lessons. (Link to video on KSAT.com coming soon.) Watch the video for more information about the dance lessons.

The dance classes are full but l was told there are a few spots open in some of the other classes. There are lots of fun events going on this weekend. I plan on digging the kite out of the garage, cleaning off the dust and taking my beagle to the Fest of Tails event in McAllister Park and maybe head over to the ADL afterwards for the Paw Wow. If your into tattoos, motorcycles or both, you can check out the Hogs and Dogs event. Sign up for El Rey Fido (a Fiesta event), Paddys Party benefiting the Hill Country SPCA and Bark for Life in Kerrville to benefit the Cancer Society. Scroll down for all these links and other events going on around the area

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Pet events this week:

March 20th ACS“Boys Only” Cat Neuter Clinic (for appointment call 210-207-6652)

March 21st San Antonio – A Fest of Tails

March 21st ADL – Honoring the Animal Paw Wow

March 21st Fredericksburg –Paddy’s Party

March 21st ACSHogs N Dogs (Tattoos, Motorcycles and Adoptions) 1pm-4:30pm

Ongoing San Antonio – Feral Cat Coalition Work Shop

Ongoing VariousLow cost Vaccinations through Windcrest Animal Hospital

Ongoing SPCA Bexar County El Rey Fido


Upcoming Events

March 28th Kerrville “A Toast To The Animals”

March 28th ADL – Mobil Adoption

March 28th ACS – Big Dogs for Big Boys

April 3rd S A Zoo – Feast with the Beasts

April 4thKerr Co. – Inaugural Bark For Life (dog walk benefiting the Cancer Society) Register Here

April 4th Guide Dogs of Texas Open House

April 4th ADL – Free Seminar on Doggie Potty Training

April 25th Fiesta2009 Fiesta Pooch Parade

April 25th New Braunfels – Doggie Dip Day (take your dog swimming)

May 30th Schertz – Doggie Dash 2009

ACS Week of 3/01/09 Statistics:
— Intake: 428
— Adoptions/Rescue: 137
— Euthanasia: 210


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