Electric Bike

There is a new way of getting around and it doesn’t involve gasoline.

Steve Browne had the opportunity to try out something new that’s beginning to pick up here in United States. Electric Bikes! More and more people are looking for alternatives ways of getting around and trying to minimize the use of gas powered vehicles. Last year people were doing everything from trading in gas guzzling vehicles for smaller economical cars, people carpooled, they decreased the number of trips… just to save some money when the gas was over three dollars a gallon. Some analysts say that the low gas prices we have now won’t last so people are beginning to look at other ways of getting around.

Michael Pease is the owner of Gotta Ride Bikes. He says that these bikes don’t create emissions because they run on batteries. On average a battery will last about 20 miles on a charge. There are some newer bikes that will allow you to go longer but that means an extra battery will be needed and most like placed under the seat.  So how does it go? On this particular (in the pictures) bike, it has a thumb throttle on the right handle bar that if you push down the bike takes off.

The batteries are built into the spokes and look like round discs. The best thing about them is that they do not interfere with the operation of the bike at all. Pretty Cool. If you choose not to use the battery you can still pedal if you want to. But hey its electric so in my opinion let the bike do all the work.

KSAT-12 photojournalist Misael Gomez, had a blast on the bike.  I was not that courageous enough to go that fast on something I didn’t own. However, it was fun to ride. It was almost like a golf cart except it had two wheels and went a bit faster. I was afraid of hitting a bump and going airborne.

Overall, its a great product. If I won the lottery, I’d buy one. The cost start at about $1,000 and the red bike that you see in the pictures was about $3,700. Of course if the price is too steep you can always choose the old fashion bike and pedal to your destination.

For more information on Michael’s Pease business Gotta Ride Bikes contact him at (830) 755-8039 or visit his website at www.gottaridebikes.com

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One Comment on “Electric Bike”

  1. Joe Robinson Says:

    Electric Motion E+ bikes are amazing I sell these bikes over in California and absolutely love them. I ride a 1000 watt black cruiser to and from work on days that I don’t have to take my daughter to day care. cruising at 30 mph on a beach cruiser, making no noise is something you have got to try. I think it’s more exciting than riding a Harley. (I used to own a Fat Boy) 🙂

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