LOST: LaFleur

Now that we know our survivors are back on the island, there are even more questions to answer! What has been happening on that island? Some of the answers lie in this week’s recap. If you missed the show, watch it online here. If you think you have some answers, or more questions, leave them in the comments section.

Sawyer is holding onto the rope where the Orchid Station should be. He’s digging at the ground trying to get to John. They’re back in time before the well was built. There’s a huge statue (the one missing toes?). John is underground, turning the big wheel.  There’s a flash. Miles says that one was more like an earthquake. The well has been built. Sawyer jumps in and it’s filled with rocks. Juliet and Miles say their headaches are gone. Miles says his nose isn’t bleeding. Juliet says, “I think it’s over. I think John did it.” Jin asks, “Now what?” Sawyer says, “We wait for him to come back.” Juliet says, “For how long?” Sawyer says, “As long as it takes.”

Three years later, there are people in Dharma uniforms dancing. How can this be three years later? It looks like it’s the 70s! One guy is concerned about this dancing. They see someone on the monitors. It’s Horace, drunk and lighting a stick of dynamite. He blows up a tree. One of the guys says they have to get LaFleur. Who is that? LaFleur is Sawyer! He’s the head of Dharma security! What?!?!

He picks up Miles, who’s going by the name Enos. They drive to Horace. Sawyer takes Horace home to a woman named Amy. She’s pregnant. She says they had a fight about Paul. Amy goes into labor.

Three years earlier, Daniel is talking to himself. He’s saying, “I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna tell her.” He says Charlotte is gone. Juliet asks where and Daniel says she’s dead – her body disappeared. Daniel says, “Wherever we are now, whenever we are now, we’re here for good.” Sawyer wants to head to the beach. Miles reminds him of the flaming arrows. Juliet says they should go to the beach. Miles is still snippy. He even asks, “Who put him in charge?” They walk to the beach. Juliet tells Sawyer the beach is a stupid idea, but that any plan is better than no plan. Gunshots in the distance, then a woman is screaming. The woman is begging Paul not to shoot her. Miles asks Daniel about not getting involved. Daniel says it doesn’t matter – whatever happened, happened. Sawyer goes up to the screaming woman – it’s Amy. Both he and Juliet shoot the guys who were with Amy. Sawyer tells the woman she’s safe. She asks who he is.

Juliet suspects they’re in the 70s or 80s judging by the Dharma uniforms. They grab a walkie talkie. Sawyer tells Amy they have to go. She says they have to bury them because of “the truce.” She says they have to bring Paul back with them. Jin says he’ll carry him. They bury the other guys. Amy says Paul was her husband. They’re walking. Juliet screams for Daniel to stop. They’re at that invisible fence thing. Juliet tells Amy to turn it off. She turns off the fence and grabs something from a box. She walks through just fine. Everyone else falls to the ground. Amy had earplugs!

Three years later, Amy’s giving birth. A doctor is telling Sawyer to get Horace because Amy’s baby is breech. He says she was supposed to get on the submarine and deliver the baby on the mainland in two weeks. The doctor says he doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to deliver the baby. Sawyer gets Juliet to help. She says they had an agreement. She says, “Everytime I try to help a woman on this island give birth, it hasn’t worked.” Sawyer says she’s the only one who can help. The doctor doesn’t want Juliet to do it. Amy says she wants Juliet to do it. Jin shows up. He’s surprised Juliet is helping. Jin says, “We finished grid 1-3-3 today. No sign of our people.” Sawyer says try 1-3-4. Jin asks how long they should look. Sawyer says, “As long as it takes.” What’s this grid business? Amy’s baby boy has arrived.

Sawyer wakes up on a sofa. Horace is talking to him about their “defense protocols.” Everyone else is in a room. Juliet says she came to the island on a submarine a long time ago. Daniel says, “No more flash. The record is spinning again. We’re just not on the song we want to be on.” There’s a little girl with red hair asking for her dad. Daniel says, “Charlotte.” Horace tells them Mr. LaFleur will explain what’s happening. Sawyer says they’re being put on a submarine and sent to Tahiti. The alarm sounds. There’s chaos. The alarm stops. Then, Richard Alpert appears! Sawyer says, “Uh oh.”

Horace goes out to meet him. Richard says the fence doesn’t keep them out. He says they’ve broken the truce. He’s asking for his two men. Miles wants to get on the sub. Sawyer says, “Hold your horses, Bonzai. No one’s getting on the sub.” Horace asks how well “LaFleur” buried the bodies. Then Sawyer says he wants to speak to the guy with the eyeliner. Sawyer goes out to talk to Richard. Richard asks if they know each other. Sawyer says he’s the one who killed his guys. He says he defended himself. Richard asks if his people know he’s telling him about the killings. Sawyer says they’re not his people so no truce was broken. Sawyer asks if Richard buried Jughead. He also says he knows about the bald guy – John Locke – coming to his camp. Sawyer says he’s waiting for John. Richard believes Sawyer is not a member of the Dharma Initiative. Richard says his people need some kind of justice and asks, “What are we going to do about that?” Sawyer goes to see Amy. Horace says they told him where the bodies were buried. Richard needs to take Paul’s body with him. Horace says if Amy doesn’t want to give up Paul’s body, they will suffer the consequences. Amy says he can take him because Paul would want to keep them safe. She takes Paul’s necklace and leaves. Horace tells Sawyer the sub leaving in the morning returns in two weeks. He says until then, he says they can stay and look for their people. Sawyer tells Juliet with any luck, John will be back by then. Juliet says they’re already saved. Juliet says she’s going to leave the island. Sawyer says it’s 1974 and whatever she thinks she’s going back to doesn’t exist. Juliet says that’s not a reason to stay. Sawyer tries his best to convince her to stay. He asks her to wait two weeks. Juliet agrees to stay.

Three years later, Sawyer picks a flower and gives it to Juliet. They kiss. She tells Sawyer she loves him. He says he loves her.

Horace is snoring. Sawyer is reading. Sawyer wakes up Horace. He says he has good news and bad news. He says the good news is Horace is a daddy. The bad news is he missed it. Sawyer tells Horace it’s a boy. Sawyer asks why Horace was drinking and blowing up trees. Horace says he was looking for a pair of socks, his were dirty and he went to grab a pair of Amy’s and he found Paul’s necklace in the back of a drawer. Horace says it’s only been three years that Paul’s been gone. He wonders if that’s long enough to get over someone. Sawyer says he had a thing for a girl once  and he had a shot at her, but he didn’t take it. He says he would wonder if it was a mistake. He wondered if he’d ever stop thinking about her. Now, he says he can barely remember what she looks like. He says she isn’t coming back. He says three years is absolutely long enough to get over someone. Sawyer and Juliet are in bed. The phone rings. He tells whoever is on the other end not to bring them in. Sawyer leaves. He says it was Jin on the phone. Sawyer drives to meet Jin. Hurley, Jack and Kate get out of a van.

The next new episode isn’t for two weeks! Ugh! I want to know more!!!

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One Comment on “LOST: LaFleur”

  1. windmeyer Says:

    I did love the ending

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