Friday Freebies – February 27th

I’m going to start this post by making a little admission: WordPress is smarter than this writer. For some reason, it has slid the text over and it hurts my head to try to get it to work correctly. That said, I have a few things you’d better jump on ASAP, and a few other tips that can wait a little while. Enjoy!

Arby’s is giving away food. You’ll need this coupon to try the new Roast Burger.

Get a free frozen entree from Kashi by giving them your info here.

Even people who can’t cook can work wonders with a slow cooker! Try out these free recipes.

If you like sweets, you might want to take your pick of a Splenda sample here.

This next tip isn’t free, but it will save you some money: a low-cost vaccine, microchip and nail clipping clinic Saturday (Feb. 28). Just show up at the Animal Defense League on Nacogdoches between 8-11 AM. Here are the prices: Rabies (cat/dog) $10; Booster $15; Bordatella $15; FelV $20; HW Test $25; Fecal Test $20; Microchip $10; nail trim $5.

Spring Break is coming up. If you’re looking for something to do, go here for some ideas (and discounts, too)!

Those crazy people at JibJab are letting us have some fun at our own expense. Go to their site to create a personalized, fun e-card. Just insert your own pictures and click send!

That’s it for this week! If you want to share a tip, send an email to with “Friday Freebies” in the subject line.

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3 Comments on “Friday Freebies – February 27th”

  1. Mike Says:

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  2. I can’t find a place to submit something for Friday Freebies.. So.. I’ll just put it here.. and hope someone reads it! lol

    Kraft FREE Magazine Offer!

    Kraft offers a free cooking magazine to those in the USA. Lots of GREAT recipes too!

  3. just a little tip: chickfilta will be giving away free breakfast every thursday for the month of March. Another tip MaMa Margies gives away free chip and salsa.

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