Mind Control for Your Dog

When Shannon took our beagle to basic obedience classes, the instructor clued the class in on one of the best tools for getting your canine friend to actually do what you want. Sure it was a great sales pitch, but hey it works. Shannon and I swear by this thing. What is it? Well it looks similar to the sausage tubes you can buy around Christmas. I call it mind control for your dog (and cat.) Loki Wolfchild calls it the “dog log.” The correct name is Pet Botanics Rolled Meat.  (I didn’t get paid for the link, I couldn’t find the mfr.’s website and they had the best product picture.) Why is it so great? First, I like it because you can cut it into really small pieces. I usually cut it into 1/4th inch cubes. When teaching new tricks you have to give the command, then reward and repeat, over and over and over and over. You would soon have an overweight pet if you were to use a typical treat. Second the smell grabs their attention right away. Third it goes a long way. We share with our fosters, other dogs at the park and adoption events, and one “log” will last for a couple of months. Last but not least, it is not junk food. It can be used as a regular meal although we only use it as rewards. The label boasts no artificial preservatives, corn and other stuff.

Last week I took a bag full of the cut up treats to the dog park with me (like taking candy to school when you were in elementary school, you better bring enough for the whole class and be prepared to share.) After only a few minutes of working with someone’s puppy, I had him running through most of the agility course.

So far I have only met one dog that was did not find the rolled meat irresistible.

ACS Week of 2/08/09 Statistics:
— Intake: 368
— Adoptions/Rescue: 122
— Euthanasia: 210


Pet events this week:


Feburary 28th ACS – Houston Street Fair and Market Adoption Event

Feburary 28th ACSBig Dog For Big Boys Adoption event

Feburary 28th ShertzHome for Pets adoption event

Feburary 28th SPCA Bexar CoWellness Clinic

Ongoing VariousLow cost Vaccinations through Windcrest Animal Hospital

Ongoing Various – Feral Cat Coalition Work Shop

Upcoming Events

Ongoing SPCA Bexar County El Rey Fido

March 7th AAPAW Spring Super Adoption Event

March 7th RobCary Pet Resort – Open House, Free potty training & grooming class

March 28th Kerrville “A Toast To The Animals”

April 4th Guide Dogs of Texas Open House

April 25 Fiesta2009 Fiesta Pooch Parade

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One Comment on “Mind Control for Your Dog”

  1. bernice Says:

    Billy, I’m loving your blog! Great job!!!

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