Problems at ACS

Last week Brian Mylar filed this report about problems with ACS and their relationship with rescue groups.  Tonight I shot this story with Jennifer Dodd.  When I got to the meeting I was only expecting to see about a half a dozen people or so.  I was surprised to see over thirty people. While the board members where in executive session I was able to garner some useful information while meeting several rescuers and volunteers. One rescuer gave me a tip on where to get discounted vet care for the dogs I foster for the 501c3 rescue.  Others gave me information for future blog postings.

The main issue brought up tonight was animals being euthanized that were supposed to be either adopted or pulled for rescue. Other issues included seemingly uncaring employees, a website not listing available animals (which has been fixed according to the assistant city manager) and enforcement officers that are not up to speed on current codes. Assistant city manager T.C. Broadnax acknowledges communication between ACS programs, including rescue/ adoption and volunteers, is a big issue. “Process that need to be in place are now in place.” When I asked if they thought tonight’s meeting would bring about change, some of the rescuers tell me they have heard the same lip service before but they remain hopeful.

If you check out the ACS website, they post the number of intakes, number of adoptions/rescue and the number of euthanasia.

Week of 2/01/09 ACS Statistics:
— Intake: 392
— Adoptions/Rescue: 106
— Euthanasia: 253

Random Video :

I shot this video while on the west side last week. It’s a puppy playing with its mother.

Pet events this week:

SPAY DAY USA – Tuesday, February 24th 2009 (search by zip code for events closer to you)

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