DWTS Spring 2009 Cast Revealed

It was slow going getting the names of the next “stars” to give dancing a try. ABC decided to get sneaky on us – dropping names during programming Sunday night. Lucky for you, I used what little attention span I have to spot the contestants. Find out who they are after the jump!

Star: Lil’ Kim

Claim to Fame: Rapper/Actress

How You Might Know Her: She’s a Grammy winner. She also has a real rap sheet (not the performing kind). She’s also known for being a little light on the clothing, which might help if she gets to do a Latin dance!

Why She’ll Win: She’s a performer! She’s bound to make it a couple of rounds.

Star: Steve-O

Claim to Fame: Reality TV/Dumb Stunts

How You Might Know Him: Well, he is a Jackass. Really. He was on that TV show/movie. True story: I saw him perform once. He let someone staple an undergarment (not his) to his own body. I’m actually a little ashamed of admitting that. Please don’t tell anyone. Like Lil’ Kim, Steve-O also has had some legal troubles and a stint (or two) in rehab.

Why He’ll Win: Um, no.

Star: Nancy O’Dell

Claim to Fame: TV Host

How You Might Know Her: Access Hollywood or those red carpet moments.

Why She’ll Win: She’s perky. She seems like she might try real hard.

Star: Lawrence Taylor

Claim to Fame: Retired NFL Linebacker

How You Might Know Him: Well, if you don’t watch football, you probably don’t know him. For what it’s worth, he is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Why He’ll Win: Athletes tend to do well on this show. I suppose it’s that whole “training to win” thing.

Star: Shawn Johnson

Claim to Fame: Gold medal winner at 2008’s Olympics in the gymnastics

How You Might Know Her: If you only watched the swimming events, you probably missed her.

Why She’ll Win: At 17, Shawn is the youngest star to dance on the show. Her youth, and that athelete thing, should take her far. You need some rhythm to be a gymnast, so she should do well. Oh, and she’s perky!

Star: Chuck Wicks

Claim to Fame: The world of country music

How You Might Know Him: He spent the last year opening for Brad Paisley.

Why He’ll Win: I’m thinking when he performs one of those Latin dances with the open shirt, the ladies will swoon and get to dialing for him.

Star: Gilles Marini

Claim to Fame: Actor

How You Might Know Him: There was a very revealing scene in the Sex And The City movie involving this guy. You might not want to google it if you’re on your work computer. The image very well could be NSFW! If you heed that warning, I’ll just say his most famous scene in the movie included a part of him that you don’t see in this picture. Don’t expect to see it on the show, either. DWTS is a family show!

Why He’ll Win: Advantage to the guy who has earned “star” status by showing a whole lot of skin. There. I said it.

Star: Denise Richards

Claim to Fame: Actress

How You Might Know Her: She was a Bond girl. She was married to Charlie Sheen. She was in the movie Wild Things, among other movies. She also starred in her own reality show, It’s Complicated.

Why She’ll Win: I don’t know why, but I don’t think she’ll be in the competition very long. I dare her to prove me wrong.

Star: Steve Wozniak

Claim to Fame: Co-Founder of Apple

How You Might Know Him: If you don’t read tech trades, you may not have heard of him. But now you do!

Why He’ll Win: I’ll go ahead and give him an award – Most Likely To Be Awkward on the Dance Floor. There. He’s a winner.

Star: Belinda Carlisle

Claim To Fame: Singer

How You Might Know Her: She’s a former “Go-Go!” Can you tell I’m excited about her? She’s one of my favorite 80’s pop stars!

Why She’ll Win: Because I will use all my votes on her! Maybe.

Star: David Alan Grier

Claim To Fame: Actor/Comedian

How You Might Know Him: Perhaps from that old sketch show In Living Color? Or his standup? He’s funny!

Why He’ll Win: I’m not sure that he’ll win, but he’ll make everyone laugh.

Star: Jewel

Claim To Fame: Singer

How You Might Know Her: She’s a folksy singer who just released her first country album.

Why She’ll Win: I don’t know. I don’t know if she can dance. She might surprise us!

Star: Ty Murray

Claim To Fame: Rodeo Guy

How You Might Know Him: If you don’t watch rodeos, you might know him as Mr. Jewel. That’s right! ABC has made another first – a married couple competing on the show!

Why He’ll Win: He’s a freaking cowboy – they’ve done more difficult things than dance. Then again, he’s a cowboy. He’ll have to show us he can do more than the two step.

See how they dance when the show returns March 9th!

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