LOST: The Little Prince

Since the title of this show is “The Little Prince,” I’m hoping we learn more about who suspects Aaron is not Kate’s son. If you want to watch the episode, click here. My recap is after the jump.

Jack and Kate are on Penny’s boat trying to figure out what to do with Aaron. Kate tells Jack that Claire was on the way to L.A. to give him up for adoption. Kate says she wants to tell everyone Aaron was hers – that she was pregnant when she was arrested. Jack tells Kate he’s going to have to tell everyone they have to lie. He says he’ll turn to Kate first, then asks if she’s with him. She says, “I have always been with you.”

Three years later, Kate and Sun are in a hotel room. Kate wears one of Sun’s suits. She’s going out, leaving Sun to watch Aaron. Sun wishes Kate luck. As Kate leaves, a package arrives for Sun. It’s a folder with pictures of Ben and Jack. She also receives a gun.

Back on the island, Charlotte has passed out and there’s blood on her face. Juliet is trying to get Daniel to explain what’s happening. Daniel says he thinks what’s happening to Charlotte is neurological. He says, “Our brains have an internal clock, a sense of time. The flashes throw the clock off. It’s like really bad jet lag.” Juliet points out really bad jet lag doesn’t make you hemorrhage. Daniel can’t explain why it’s not happening to everyone.

In L.A., Kate is meeting with the man, a Mr. Norton, who was looking for the blood samples. She offers the blood samples if she can talk to the client first. The man says he’s sure his client will say no because Kate isn’t in a position to negotiate. The man says he also wants to arrange the “exchange of custody.” He says she did this to herself.

On the island, John says they have to go back to The Orchid. John says, “This is all happening because they left. I think I can stop it if I can bring them back.” John tells Sawyer their friends are not dead. John says, “I have to make them come back, even if it kills me.” Charlotte wakes up. She doesn’t recognize Daniel at first. Sawyer tells everyone they’re going to The Orchid.

Jack is treating Sayid in the hospital. Jack is telling Sayid Ben is on their side. Another doctor shows up to speak to Jack. She says he was suspended for substance abuse and the hospital is liable for his actions. Hurley calls Jack. He says he’s in L.A. County Lock Up. He says to tell Sayid he did what he told him and that Ben wasn’t going to be able to get to him. A man walks into Sayid’s room and says he has his meds. Then, the guy shoots darts at Sayid. They wrestle in the room, with Sayid trying to strangle the guy while asking who he works for. Sayid shoots the guy with dart gun. Sayid gets the guy’s wallet. He asks Jack and Ben if they know anyone at 42 Panorama Crest. Jack says it’s Kate’s address.

Jack calls Kate. She tells Jack Aaron is with Sun. Jack goes to meet Kate. Ben says he’s going to deal with Hugo. Sayid says he’s not letting that happen. Ben says, “Let’s get them to safety and save the dirty linen for later.” Sayid agrees to go with him. Ben tells Jack to bring Kate and Aaron to a marina.

The gang is walking through the jungle in the dark. Sawyer wants to know what John could say to Kate to get her to come back. John says he hasn’t thought of it. Then, they see some bright thing in the distance. John says to stay away from it. Daniel asks when they are. John says they need to keep moving. Miles is having a bloody nose now. They hear screaming. Sawyer goes to check it out. He sees Claire talking to Kate. She’s having the baby. Sawyer is crying. White flash. Claire and Kate are gone. John asks what happened. Sawyer says, “Don’t matter. It’s gone now.”

Kate is sitting in her car when Jack walks up. She notices he shaved his beard. Kate doesn’t want to tell Jack what’s happening. Then she tells him somebody wants Aaron. Jack asks who. A car leaves a parking garage, Kate tells Jack to get in or don’t, and they drive off.

In the jungle, John still wants to know who Sawyer saw. Sawyer asks how John knew when they were. That light was coming from the hatch. John says that night, Boone was asking questions, like “Why is this happening to me?” Sawyer asked why he turned them around. John asked why he’d want to do that. Sawyer says to save himself the pain. John says he need the pain to get to where he is now. Miles tells Daniel about his nosebleed. Miles wants to know why it’s happening. Daniel thinks it may be related to the length of exposure. Miles says he has only been on the island for two weeks. Daniel asks if he’s sure about that. They stumble upon their camp. The boat they were hoping to find to help them get around the island is gone. They find another boat. There’s a bottle of water from “Ajira,” an Indian airline. Sawyer says, “Great. Maybe they got a flight out of here to Vegas.” John says they shouldn’t wait to see how long before those people come back. The take the boat. Sawyer tells Juliet he saw Kate in the jungle before the last flash. Juliet says it was two months ago. Sawyer says, “Time travel is a bitch.” Then, bullets start flying. Juliet starts shooting back at the people behind them. White flash. Sawyer screams “Thank you, Lord.” Then, it’s pouring rain. They paddle towards the shore.

Kate follows the car to a motel. The lawyer goes into a room. Jack tells Kate they’ll figure something out. The motel room door opens. It’s Claire’s mom. Kate says, “Oh my God.”

Kate says Claire’s mother knows about Aaron. Jack says he’ll go talk to her and get her to understand why they said Aaron was hers. Jack says he can fix it. He says, “Aaron is my family, too.” Jack goes to the room. Claire’s mother says she hasn’t seen him since his father’s funeral. Jack says he followed her lawyer. Jack says he needs her to know everything they’ve done is for Aaron. She says, “Who’s Aaron?” Jack asks what she’s doing in Los Angeles. Then, Jack goes to the car. He tells Kate to drive and to call Sun and have her bring Aaron to the marina. Jack says Claire’s mother doesn’t even know Aaron exists. She’s in town to pick up her settlement from Oceanic. So who wants Aaron?

Ben asks Sayid why he rescued Hugo. They drive into a parking garage. The lawyer, Mr. Norton, walks up to Ben’s van. He explains the case against Hugo is not solid and that he’ll be released. Sayid asks who that guy was. Ben says, “That’s my lawyer.”

On the beach, Juliet tells Sawyer they didn’t get to finish their conversation. Juliet wants to know what it was like to see Kate again. Sawyer says he was close enough to touch her. “If I wanted to , I could have stood right up and touched her.” Juliet asks why she didn’t. He says, “What’s done is done.” Juliet’s nose is bleeding. Charlotte finds wreckage that looks fresh. There are people speaking french. They pull a body onto their raft.

Jack and Kate get to the marina. Kate wants to know why Jack called her. He shows her a piece of paper with her address. Kate wants to know who they’re running from. Ben and Sayid arrive. Jack says, “It’s OK. He’s with me.” He says Ben is here to help them and that they all need to be together again. Kate realizes Ben is the one trying to take Aaron. Ben says she’s right. “Sorry.” Kate wants him to stay away. Ben says that Aaron is not her son. Sun and Aaron are still in their car. Sun gets the gun and gets out of the car.

Jin is on the island. He’s with the French people. They want to know how he got there. Jin says a boat. It’s gone. They ask how long he’s been in the water. Jin says he doesn’ t know. The woman talking to him is pregnant. It’s Danielle Rousseau.

The end.

If you’re trying to wrap your brain around the time travel, this might help you.

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