LOST: Jughead

I’m intrigued by the title of this week’s show. What the heck does “Jughead” mean? There’s only one way to find out! If you haven’t watched this episode, STOP READING NOW! You can watch it online here.

Desmond is running around some Filipino island shouting for Efren Salonga, who’s a doctor. Penny is on a boat and she’s having a baby. It’s a boy! Holy flash forward! There’s Desmond on a boat with a toddler. He’s telling the boy that he left the island a long time ago. It’s not THAT island. It’s Great Britain. He’s telling the boy it’s where he met Penny. She appears and says it’s also where he broke her heart. And she says he left out the part about “his grandfather, the  man who sent a boat to the island to kill all of daddy’s friends.” Desmond tells Penny her father won’t know they’re there. Desmond is looking for Daniel’s mother. He says he has to do it.

Back on the island, Daniel, Miles and Charlotte are walking through the jungle. Charlotte is still not feeling well. Daniel is still not telling her what’s happening to her. One of the survivors triggers a booby trap. There’s a big blast and the arrow-toting people show up. They also have guns. One of the people asks who’s in charge and Miles says it’s Daniel. The woman says, “You just couldn’t stay away, could you?”

Desmond is still telling Penny that he has to find Daniel’s mother and tell her he’s still on the island. He doesn’t understand how he knows he’s supposed to do that. He says, “I’ll be back by dark and then I’m done – forever. I promise.” Penny asks him to promise he will never go back to the island. Desmond says, “Why God’s name would I want to go back there?”

The new enemy is looking for the remaining survivors. The woman tells Daniel his people put the booby trap there. John, Sawyer and Juliet have two of the enemy people. Sawyer asks John where he’s been and John says the appropriate question is “When the hell have I been?” John is trying to figure out who the two guys who had a gun are. The guys speak Latin. One of them asked why the survivors aren’t wearing uniforms. Juliet explains they speak Latin because “they are others.” Miles and Daniel are walking and Miles says he walked over the grave of four soldiers. Daniel wants to know if they said what year it is. Then, they reach some sort of tent city. Richard is there. He tells Daniel, “I assume you’ve come back for your bomb.”

Desmond is at Oxford. He’s told there is no Farraday there. He walks the campus and finds the physics building. There’s a door sealed for fumigation. Desmond goes inside. He sees a picture of Daniel with a woman. He starts uncovering things in the room. He sees the maze. Then, a guy appears and says, “I wouldn’t touch that.” The guy starts covering things up. He says he had to take the rats to the incinerator so that no one would find out abut Daniel’s time travel experiment. The guy tells Desmond he won’t tell anyone he was there if he tells his “friends that all he found was rubbish left behind by a madman.” Desmond says they have no record of a Farraday. The guy says, “Can you blame them after what happened with the girl?”

Miles, Charlotte and Daniel are in a tent together. Daniel says they just need another flash. Richard appears. Richard tells them his people attacked first. He says Daniel’s people came to the island for their experiments. Daniel says they have a hydrogen bomb that is unstable and could destroy the entire island. Richard questions whether Daniel is on a suicide mission. Daniel says, “I’m in love with the woman sitting next to me and I would never do anything to hurt her.” Richard decides to let Daniel go to the bomb. Juliet says she learned Latin as part of “Others 101…language of the enlightened.” Sawyer says, “Enlightened my ass.” One of their hostages says the rest of the people are either captured or dead. Juliet tells the man they are not the enemy. She asks if Richard Alpert is there. The hostage agrees to lead them to their camp. The other guy snaps his neck, then runs off. Sawyer told him to shoot him, but John doesn’t. When Sawyer asks why, John says, “Because he’s one of my people.”

Desmond is still in England. He’s now looking for Theresa Spencer. When he says he was sent for her by Daneil Farraday, he’s let right in. He finds the woman in a hospital bed. She can’t hear because “she’s away right now.” She appears to be in some time travel craziness. Desmond says he shouldn’t have come. A woman thinks Daniel abandoned his mother. She says Daniel’s benefactor, Mr. Widmore, has been taking care of Theresa since Daniel left.

Daniel explains that back in the 1950s the US government tested hydrogen bombs in the South Pacific, which is how he knew about the bomb. Charlotte tells Daniel he didn’t have to say that he loves her. One of the others comes for Daniel. Richard tells Daniel they found 18 military men and he was forced to kill them. The guy who escaped from John shows up and doesn’t think the survivors can track him. John asks how old Richard is and Juliet says, “old.” Sawyer shows up and says, “I hate to bust up the ‘I’m an other, you’re an other reunion’ but Farraday, the guy that’s actually going to save us, is being death marched into the jungle.” John says he’s not going to help save him because he wants to finish his conversation with Richard. Daniel is on his way to the bomb. He’s telling the woman holding the gun on him that she looks like someone he knows. The woman says she doesn’t believe Daniel is a member of the US military. She wants to know who he is and what he’s doing on the island. Daniel says he’s her best chance at disarming the bomb. She seems to be OK with that. Daniel climbs the platform to get to the bomb, which is named “Jughead.” AHA! Daniel sees something coming out of the bomb, then says they need to get away from the bomb because it’s unsafe. Daniel explains to the woman it’s not a good idea to fire a gun around the bomb. He says they need to seal the leak and bury the bomb and it won’t go off. He says he knows because “50 years from now, this island is still here.” He tries to tell her that’s where his people are from. Sawyer and Juliet show up. They get the other to put her gun down. The girl asks if they’re from the future.

Desmond busts into Widmore’s office. Desmond tells him he’s not going to answer any questions, but he will be asking some. He wants to know where he can find Daniel’s mother. Widmore asks if Penny is safe. Desmond still asks for Daniel’s mother. Widmore gives him the address in Los Angeles. He says she’s a “very private person.” Desmond turns to leave. Widmore tells him to deliver his message but that Penny is in danger.

John walks to the tents, hollering for Richard. Richard appears. He doesn’t remember John. John tells him “Jacob sent me.” Richard tells the people to put the gun down. That guy who escaped from John’s name is Charles Widmore. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Desmond returns to the boat. He tells Penny that Daniel’s mother died a few years ago. Penny knows he’s lying. Desmond says she’s in LA. Desmond reveals the baby’s name: Charlie. Penny says they’ll go with  him.

John gives Richard the compass back. John is trying to explain he was given the compass in the future. John wants to know how to get off the island because Richard told him he had something important to do when he gets there. He also tells Richard that he is the leader. John asks for the year. Richard says it’s 1954. John says he hasn’t been born yet and that Richard should come visit him. John knows time is about to change and that Richard needs to tell him how to get off the island. Then, John is standing in the jungle – no tents, just the survivors around. Charlotte’s nose starts bleeding and she passes out.

The end.

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