LOST: Because You Left & The Lie

Our favorite castaways are back with not one, but TWO episodes!

If you missed the premiere, go here.

A recap of the new episodes follows – so stop reading if you haven’t seen them!The show starts with a baby crying and there’s a man who gets up with the baby. Then, the Dr. Chang is making one of those Dharma videos. There’s a problem at the Orchid Station. A drill melted going through the rocks. There’s a chamber behind the rock. Dr. Chang tells them the energy in the station will allow them to manipulate time. Dr. Chang explains there are rules that can’t be broken. He tells a worker not to do anything about the chamber. On his way out he bumps into someone – it’s Daniel Faraday! He looks at the holes in the wall, then we’re in what I presume is present time.

John is in the coffin. Jack is looking at him. Ben tells him to put John in a van and says they’re going to pick up Hugo. Jack says the other Oceanic Six aren’t his friends anymore.

JACK: How did we get here? How did all this happen?

BEN: It happened because you left, Jack.

Jack shaves and looks less drunk. Ben says they’re going to get Hugo, Sun, Sayid and Kate. Jack asks when the last time was Ben saw John. He says it was on the island in the Orchid Station. He says he apologized for making John’s life so miserable and he left. Ben asks what John said to him to make him a believer. John said everyone who was left behind would die if he didn’t come back. He didn’t tell Jack what happened to them when they moved the island. Ben says, “I guess we’ll never know.”

Back on the island, the loud noise and bright light hit. The island has been moved. John is all alone in a rainstorm. The island people, including Daniel, are on the boat and wondering what happened. Juliet and Sawyer are wondering what happened. Bernard comes out screaming for Rose. She appears from the trees. Bernard says they can’t go back to the camp because there is no camp. Everything is gone. No tents, food, water – nothing. Daniel tells them the camp is not gone. He says Juliet needs to take him to something man-made. Again, he tells them, “The camp isn’t gone. It hasn’t been built yet.”

Kate is home with Aaron. The doorbell rings. It’s two lawyers asking for a blood sample from Kate and Aaron. They have a court order. They want to determine her relationship to Aaron but won’t tell her the identity of their client. Kate doesn’t let them in and tells them to come back with the sheriff. She packs her bags, grabs a gun and tells Aaron they’re going on vacation. They leave.

On the island, they’re walking through the jungle. Juliet asks why Sawyer jumped off the island. He says he wanted to make sure they made it off the island. Sawyer then demands Daniel’s shirt. Daniel doesn’t give it to him. Sawyer wants an explanation as to what happened. Daniel doesn’t want to get into the science speak. Sawyer hits him. Daniel compares the island to a record spinning on a turn table and now it’s skipping. He says he thinks whatever Ben did dislodged the island from time. Daniel says either the island is moving or they are. He asks if everyone is accounted for. Sawyer says John is missing. We see John in the jungle, still walking by himself. He sees a plane coming. It nearly hits him, then crashes. He goes to it. There’s one of those statues that had drugs stashed in it. He finds the plane dangling from a cliff. He shouts at the plane and no one responds. He climbs a tree to get to it and someone starts shooting at him. John falls down and sees he’s been shot in the leg. It’s Ethan!

Ethan is asking John who he is. John tells him he knows Ethan. Then, he explains that Ben appointed him as his leader. Ethan doesn’t believe it, points the gun at John, then says goodbye. The noise returns, followed by the white flash. Ethan is gone. Daniel says they are either in the past or the future. That narrows it down!

Sun is in an airport. She’s getting a flight to Los Angeles. After her passport is scanned, she winds up in an interrogation room. Widmore is there. He brings up their last meeting. He asks about their common interests. Sun says “to kill Benjamin Linus.”

Ben is watching TV. There’s a story on the news about a shooting at a mental hospital. The suspect is identified as Hugo. Ben says they have a change of plan.

Hugo and Sayid are in a car together. Hugo offers him a french fry. Sayid turns him down. Hugo says, “You know, maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.” They get to a hotel. Hugo asked who Sayid killed at the hospital. Sayid said he didn’t know, but he was armed and he was going to kill Hugo. He says he’s not taking any risks after Bentham (John) died. Hugo says he needs a cool name. Sayid tells Hugo he was working for Ben. Sayid then says Hugo should do the opposite of whatever Ben tells him to do. Sayid realizes someone was in his hotel room. Then, he tosses one guy over the railing. Another guy starts shooting at Sayid. They wrestle with Sayid winning even though he has a dart in his back. A crowd sees the guy int he parking lot and Hugo holding a gun. Some guy takes Hugo’s picture with his cell phone. Hugo helps Sayid out of the room. Hugo says, “We never should have left that island.”

On the island, Charlotte asks Miles if Widmore is looking for them. They find the hatch – it’s blown up. Daniel figures the “when” now is after they crashed on the island. Daniel says they cannot change anything.

DANIEL: Time – it’s like a street. We can move forward on that street, we can move in reverse. But we cannot, ever, create a new street. If we try to do anything different, we will fail every time. Whatever happened, happened.

Sawyer asks how he knows about it. Daniel breaks out his journal with everything he knows about the Dharma Initiative. He says he knows what’s happening. He says they can’t stop it. Sawyer asks who can.

John hobbles around. He reaches the plane. Inside, he sees the statues. He rips out a seatbelt and ties it around his leg. Someone’s coming. John pulls out a knife. It’s Richard. He asks what is happening. Richard says John is bleeding to death. He takes out the bullet. John asks how he knew there was a bullet. Richard says John told him. John says he didn’t. Richard says, “You will.” John asks, “When am I?” Richard removes the bullet. Richard says John will be moving on soon. Richard tells him the next time they see each other, Richard won’t recognize him. He hands John a compass and tells him, “The only way to save the island is to save your people – the ones who left.” Richard says he has to convince them to come back. John asks how he’s supposed to do that. Richard says, “You’re going t have to die, John.” Noise, white flash. BAM! It’s another time.

Miles asks about the station. Juliet says it’s the station where Desmond had to push the button to save the world. Noise, white flash, BAM. The station is back. Sawyer walks off. He says he’s going to the back door to get supplies. Daniel tells him it’s not a good idea. Daniel says Desmond doesn’t know him and they can’t meet. Sawyer starts banging on the door. Daniel tells him no one is going to open the door. He tells Sawyer he can’t change the past. Sawyer says, “Everybody I care about just blew up on your damn boat. I know what I can’t change.” Juliet tells him they should get back to the beach. Miles asks why they’re going back if there’s nothing to go back to. Juliet tells him to stay there. Juliet has a nose bleed. Daniel knows it’s not a good sign. He gets his notebook. He seems startled by something in it. He bangs on the door to the hatch. It opens. Desmond is armed. Daniel calls him by his name. Desmond asks if he’s his replacement. Desmond asks if he knows him. Daniel tells him he’s the only person who can help because the rules don’t apply to him. He says he’s “uniquely and miraculously special.” The noise is back. Daniel tells him his people are going to die. He says everyone is in serious danger and says Demsond needs to go back to Oxford and find his mother. Then, white flash.

Desmond wakes up in bed with Penny. He says he was on the island. Penny says he’s been off the island for three years. Desmond says he wasn’t having a dream – it was a memory. Desmond tells Penny they’re leaving to go to Oxford.

We’re back three years. The Oceanic Six are on the boat. Jack is explaining that they have to lie about the crash. Hugo doesn’t think they should lie. Jack explains it protects them from Widmore. Hugo asks Penny if she can call off her father and she says she can’t do that. Hugo wants to tell the truth. Sayid tells him they don’t have a choice. Hugo says, “I’m gonna remember this. Some day you’re going to need my help and I’m telling you right now, you’re not getting it.”

It’s present time and Hugo is helping Sayid. He’s driving around, trying wake Sayid. Hugo is not a good driver. He hits a newspaper stand, then gets pulled over. The cop is Ana Lucia! She says, “What if I was real? You need to pull it together. You’ve got a lot of work to do.” She says they need new clothes. Then, says they need to get to a safe place. She tells him to stay away from cops and warns him not to get arrested. Then, as she walks away she says, “Libby says, ‘Hi.'”

Bernard is working on starting a fire. Sawyer takes a shirt from some guy named Neil, then calls him “Frogurt.” I love Sawyer’s nicknames! Daniel comes back to the beach. Sawyer calls him “Dr. Wizard.” Miles says, “I think it’s Mr. Wizard.” Sawyer responds with, “Shut up.” Daniel has to determine where they are in time. Miles goes off to find food.

Hugo is trying to wake Sayid. He reaches in his wallet, takes Sayid’s cash and promises to pay him back. Hugo goes in a store, buys a t-shirt that says, “I love my Shi-Tzu.” The clerk says she knows him. He insists she doesn’t know him. She says he’s lying. Hugo says he doesn’t believe in lying. She remembers he won the lottery and crashed on the plane. She tries to get Hugo to buy a lottery ticket. Hugo runs out of the store (after paying for the shirt, of course). He and Sayid drive off. Kate pulls into the parking lot of the same gas station and looks at a map. Then, she starts to call Jack. Her phone rings. She doesn’t say who it is, but agrees to meet the unknown caller. I’m suspecting it’s Sun.

Jack and Ben are getting ready to leave the hotel room. Ben tells Jack he flushed his pills down the toilet. Jack says he was just going to do that. Ben tells Jack he’s going home and to find a suitcase. He says if there’s anything in this life he wants, he should pack it because he’s never coming back. Jack says, “Good.” Ben says he needs to put John’s casket some place safe. Jack says, “Safe? He’s dead, right?” Ben tells him he’ll see him in six hours.

Hugo’s dad answers a door to see Hugo holding Sayid. Hugo says Sayid was shot by a dart. His dad says, “What, were you in the sewer or something?” He asks Hugo why he’s not in the mental hospital. Hugo says he’s in danger, but doesn’t know from who. The police show up. It’s that guy – you know, the one who visited Hugo in the hospital. Hugo’s dad is surprised to learn Hugo is wanted for killing three people. Hugo’s dad says they need a doctor for Sayid. Hurley says, “I think I know what to do.”

Kate and Aaron get on an elevator. It’s Sun!

Ben shows up at a butcher shop. He takes a number – 342. The woman behind the counter, Jill, knows him. Ben tells her he has something important and he needs her to watch it. She says he’ll be safe with her. Ben asks about Gabriel and Jeffrey. She asks about Jack. Ben tells Jill if she doesn’t keep John safe, “everything we’re about to do won’t matter at all.”

On the island, Bernard is still trying to start a fire. Charlotte tells Daniel she has a headache. She says she was thinking about her mother, then couldn’t remember her maiden name. Daniel explains that they’ve been under a lot of stress. Charlotte asks Daniel if he knows what’s happening to her. Miles shows up with dinner. It’s a boar – I think. Miles says he found it dead in the jungle. Neil is freaking out. As he says they can’t get fire, a burning arrow hits him. Then, a whole bunch of burning arrows come at the group on the beach. Sawyer tells everyone to run. There is chaos as they make a run for it. I’m adding this to my list of bad ways to die. Juliet stops to try to help someone, but Sawyer tells her there’s nothing she can do.

Hugo sees cops outside his dad’s home. His dad says, “They think you’re crazy enough to come back home.” Then, he asks Hugo if he’s crazy. Hugo says he’s not. Then, he says he has a good reason for lying to him. Hugo’s mom asks why there’s a dead Pakistani on her couch. Hugo says he’s not breathing. Hugo says he is breathing. They carry Sayid out and they manage to escape the police.

Kate and Sun have tea in the hotel. Sun shows Kate a picture of her daughter. She says she hopes Kate comes to Seoul to meet her so she and Aaron can play together. Kate tells Sun, “Somebody knows we’re lying.” She tells Sun about the people who want to find out if Aaron is her son. Kate says they wouldn’t tell her the identity of their client. Sun says they’re not interested in exposing the lie. Sun says they just want Aaron. Sun says Kate needs to “take care” of them. Kate asks what kind of person she thinks she is. Sun says, “The kind of person who makes hard decisions when she has to. Like you did on the freighter.” Ouch. “You told me to get on the helicopter and you said you’d get Jin. But you did what you had to. And if you didn’t, we probably all would have died instead of just my husband.” Sun tells Kate she doesn’t blame her. Sun asks about Jack.

Hugo’s dad goes to Jack. He shows him Sayid in the back of his SUV. Jack says he needs to get Sayid to the hospital. Hugo’s dad tells Jack to stay away from Hugo. Jack calls Ben to tell him about Sayid.

Hugo’s mom asks about Sayid. She tells him he’s in trouble. She doesn’t understand how anyone could want to hurt him. Hugo lies to her and says he doesn’t know. She asks for the truth. Hugo tells her they lied. She asks what happened. Hugo says, “We did crash, but it was on this crazy island. We waited for rescue and there wasn’t any rescue. There was this smoke monster. There were other people on the island, we called them “The Others.” They started attacking us. We found some hatches and there was this button you had to push ever 108 minutes or – well, I was never really clear on that. But The Others didn’t have anything to do with the hatches. It was the Dharma Initiative. They were all dead. The Others killed them. Now they’re trying to kill us. Then, we teamed up with The Others because some worse people were coming on a freighter. Desmond’s girlfriend’s father sent them to kill us. So we stole their helicopter and we flew it to the freighter, but it blew up. We couldn’t go back to the island because it disappeared. So then we crashed in the ocean and we floated there for a while until a boat came and picked us up. By then, there were six of us. That part is true. But the rest of the people who were on the plane? They’re still on that island.” Hugo’s mom says she believes him, but she doesn’t understand him. Hugo says a lot of people died and now bad things are happening. He says, “We shouldn’t have lied.”

Back on the island, Juliet and Sawyer are walking alone. Sawyer gets something in his foot. They’re headed to the creek. They hear footsteps. Some people walk by. Then, someone grabs them. They’re Dharma people!

Jack is working on Sayid. He gives Sayid a shot of something. Sayid wakes up, then puts his hands around Jack’s neck. He lets go once he sees it’s Jack. He asks where Hugo is and asks who is with him. Then asks if anyone else knows Hugo is there. Hugo is just about to enjoy a Hot Pocket when Ben shows up. Ben says he can get Hugo out. Ben says he’s taking Hugo to Sayid and Jack. Hugo tells Ben he’s playing a mind game because Jack and Sayid would never trust Ben. Hugo says they all want the same thing: to go back to the island. He tells Hugo to go back with them. He says if Hugo comes with him, he won’t have to lie again. Hugo runs outside right to the police. Apparently, he forgot about Ana Lucia’s advice.

On the island, the Dharma people are holding Juliet and Sawyer at gunpoint, demanding to know how many there are. One of them is getting ready to cut Juliet’s hand off when someone comes to their rescue. It’s John. He says, “Nice to see ya.”

A woman is doing some crazy math and working on an ancient computer. There’s some device whirring about, making lines. The woman goes up a staircase, into a room where Ben waits. She tells Ben he only has 70 hours. Ben says he needs more time. He tells her he lost Hugo. Then he asks what happens if he can’t get them all to go back. She says, “Then God help us all.” WOW!

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