Making Room For Baby

The Gerber Baby at 20 weeks

The Gerber Baby at 20 weeks

Welcome to my new blog. Many of you may know me from watching KSAT 12 News. I work there as a general assignment news reporter. In the past 5 years I’ve been all over the city of San Antonio and South Texas chasing down stories for our many newscasts. Every day is an adventure, I never know where the day’s news will take me or who I might meet along the way. Now I’m about to embark on an entirely new adventure, fatherhood.

It seems like only yesterday my wife Anne broke the greatest news story of my lifetime. It was July and my mind was focused on the new Hurricane season when she told me she was pregnant. All at once I felt overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, nervous and scared to death. Even though we had been trying to get pregnant it was still quite a shock to have confirmation that we had succeeded in our endeavor. As we hugged and kissed each other I remember thinking my life would never be the same, and that was okay.

As I write this we are now just 8 weeks away from our baby’s due date, or as I like to call it, D-day. I still can’t believe how fast the months have passed us by. It’s almost as if someone has put our lives into fast forward and we’re racing into an unknown world. The past 7 months have been filled with visits to the mid-wives, conversations about parenthood, and lots of reading about pregnancy and what to expect when that little bundle of joy finally arrives. I have truly enjoyed learning all about the maternity process and taking an active role, even if it means getting sent to store in the middle of the night. I have also enjoyed seeing the changes my wife has gone through, particularly watching her belly grow so big and round. I love feeling the little being inside that belly kick and move and can’t wait to met her.

So why am I writing a blog about this life changing experience? Who cares? Well my hope is to share my experiences with other expecting parents, particularly other soon to be first time dads. There seems to be real problem with men not being fathers these days. Why that is I can’t say because that’s not my area of expertise. What I do know is that we men need to step and do our part to support our pregnant partners. We owe it to them and we owe it to our children.

I plan to use this blog to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained and share a wide range of views on what it means to be a father in the 21st century. I will share some of my personal experiences and I hope that readers will also share some of their funny stories, fears, and hopes. Maybe as we embark on this journey together we can put some of our fears to rest and prepare ourselves to be the best Dad’s we can be.

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