Friday Freebies – December 26th

When I started the weekly roundup of free stuff, coupons and discounts back in June, I had no idea I’d manage to find enough good tips each week to share! Since this is my last post of the year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite freebies of 2008. I hope you enjoy them!

For Your Entertainment:

If you like music, but hate paying full price for the latest tunes, bookmark this page. You can download current hits on the cheap. How cheap, you ask? How about an entire album for $3.99? And if that’s STILL too much, there are a handful of free songs.

Have you seen those redbox thingies at McDonald’s? I don’t get the need to, say, rent a movie and get some nuggets, but if you do, sign up here and get a free rental. Members also get codes for free rentals (and there’s usually one per week).

If you want to stay at home, why not watch some of your favorite shows online? You can always find most of ABC’s shows on their website. But have you checked out Hulu? TV shows, even sporting events, are all there for free! And it’s not just the stuff you’ve recently seen. They have shows like Silver Spoons (if you’d like to see a very young Rick Schroder when he was known as “Ricky”), The A-Team (if you pity the fool), Kojak (because who loves you, baby?), Welcome Back, Kotter (oooh! ooh! Mr. Kotter!) and many more mindless TV shows to take you back in time.

The folks at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) are now in the video biz – just click here to see what’s available.

Love magazines but don’t like paying for them? This site will let you see them from cover to cover for free.

To Make Your Belly Happy:

If you like ice cream, tell Baskin-Robbins your birthday and get a free scoop!

Kids under 12 can get free ice cream from Marble Slab.

One more birthday club: Krispy Kreme. Sign up and get a free doughnut on your special day. Sorry – you must be 12 or under to get this perk.

If you like a square burger, Frosties, or anything else on the Wendy’s menu, sign up for their newsletter. You’ll get a $1 coupon just for joining. And after that, your inbox should receive discounts and promotions.

Go to Green Vegetarian Cuisine’s website and join their email list for a weekly coupon. It’s good for an entree, but use your savings to get one of their yummy desserts!

If you like Blizzards, you should sign up for DQ’s Fan Club and get a free one!

For The Bargain Shoppers:

Have you been to The Dollar Stretcher? It has all kinds of tips from the frequently frugal to help you save money. And – best of all – it’s FREE! Bookmark it!

Coupon users, rejoice! This site will let you print the coupons you need, so you don’t have to wait for the newspaper on Sunday, then go through all that paper.

Free samples, coupons and other offers a plenty at Procter & Gamble’s site. Just sign up.

Before you buy electronics, you might want to check this site. It will help you find the lowest price.

No need to hunt for goods on Yahoo! They have  a deal of the day (and it might as well be a steal)!

For Everyone Else:

With the kids getting back to class, bookmark this site. It may come in handy while doing homework.

You may not find a whole lot of savings, but eBay’s new online store will make you feel good – and green!

This tip won’t technically get you anything, but it just might save you some gas. It’s a website that will help you find a place to meet someone that is halfway between your locations! You put in the locations and what type of setting you want, and the magical site does the rest. Sound fair?

If you’re looking for a good deal on airfare, try this site. It will let you know every time the price drops so you can get the best price online.

Learn to dance like Brooke Burke and Warren Sapp without leaving the house on this free site.

Be sure to check back next week to see what deals I have to start 2009! As always, if you have a tip to share, send an email to with “Friday Freebies” in the subject line. And a reminder, you might want to create an email for all these offers to keep your inbox from being flooded (and to protect you from spammers). Happy holidays!

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