Turkey Day Fun

If you’re looking for fun facts or time wasters, I’ve found a few related to Thanksgiving. Take a look! And if you have a site or tip to share, drop it in the comments section.

Wondering why we eat mostly the same stuff every Thanksgiving? This will answer some of your questions.

If you  still have questions about Turkey Day, try this site.

Impress your family with these poems.

Print these games and pass them out to keep people out of the kitchen. And if you’re a little more crafty, these ideas might be handy.

Our friends at Yahoo sent us these fun facts:

A few interesting tidbits of info:

· According to Yahoo! searches for “traditional thanksgiving dinner menu” are up 786% in the last week

· According to Yahoo! searches for “thanksgiving side dishes” are up 287% in the last week

· According to Yahoo! searches for “thanksgiving turkey” are down 8% in the last week

· According to Yahoo! searches for “thanksgiving recipes” are up 70% in the last week

· According to Yahoo! searches for “easy thanksgiving recipes” are up 89% in the last week

· According to Yahoo! searches for “turducken” are up 77% in the last week, searches for “honey baked ham” are up 93%

According to Yahoo! here are the fastest moving Thanksgiving searches:

1. traditional thanksgiving dinner menu

2. thanksgiving lesson plans

3. thanksgiving song

4. thanksgiving songs

5. thanksgiving trivia

6. first thanksgiving

7. thanksgiving sales

8. thanksgiving side dishes

9. walmart after thanksgiving sale

10. thanksgiving meals

11. free thanksgiving coloring pages for kids

12. what day is thanksgiving 2008

13. thanksgiving desserts

14. thanksgiving dinner menu

15. thanksgiving turkey recipes

16. easy thanksgiving recipes

17. thanksgiving art projects

18. thanksgiving crafts

19. thanksgiving turkey clip art

20. easy thanksgiving crafts for kids

According to Yahoo! here are the top Thanksgiving searches:

1. thanksgiving

2. thanksgiving 2008

3. thanksgiving recipes

4. thanksgiving crafts

5. thanksgiving 2008 date

6. thanksgiving clipart

7. when is thanksgiving 2008

8. thanksgiving coloring pages

9. first thanksgiving

10. thanksgiving wallpaper

11. thanksgiving turkey

12. thanksgiving dinner

13. thanksgiving pictures

14. thanksgiving day

15. thanksgiving crafts for kids

16. thanksgiving cartoon

17. day after thanksgiving sale

18. thanksgiving myspace layouts

19. happy thanksgiving

20. thanksgiving poems


According to Yahoo! searches for “christmas cookies” are up 64% in the last week.


According to Yahoo! the top fastest moving recipes being searched in the last week are:

1. cranberry recipes

2. chicken crock pot recipes

3. del monte kitchenomics recipes

4. easy healthy recipes

5. easy beef stew recipes

6. turkey stuffing recipes

7. ham recipes

8. green bean recipes

9. stove top stuffing recipes

10. cornish hen recipes

11. puerto rican recipes

12. all recipes website allrecipes

13. turkey recipes

14. pound cake recipes

15. brussel sprout recipes

16. christmas candy recipes

17. rival crockpot recipes

18. green bean casserole recipes

19. thai recipes

20. prime rib recipes

According to Yahoo! the top searched recipes in the last week are:

1. recipes

2. food network recipes

3. thanksgiving recipes

4. chicken recipes

5. crockpot recipes

6. chili recipes

7. turkey recipes

8. paula deen recipes

9. kraft recipes

10. cookie recipes

11. healthy recipes

12. recipes com

13. sweet potato recipes

14. betty crocker recipes

15. slow cooker recipes

16. cheesecake recipes

17. easy chicken recipes

18. rachel ray recipes

19. martha stewart recipes

20. soup recipes

Some Portland, Oregon, turkey lovers are smoking their birds. You can watch a live webcam Thursday. You can add your turkey photos to their photostream on Flickr. And get updates on their turkey’s temperature on Twitter.

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