DWTS: Down To The Final Three

I think this is a fine foursome! I think all of these couples are really good dancers – though I have two favorites. I’m super excited about the two hours of dancing tonight. Get the recap of both shows right here.

Because I saw the performances last night (and because I’m just getting to watch the shows at 11:30pm), I’m forwarding through this part. Bring on the pint-sized dancers!

Hannah & Kirill

Dance: Cha Cha

Tony Dovolani worked with them. He’s such a great coach! These two are just darling! Is it creepy that I think they have great hip action? They were great! I love that they smiled their way through the whole dance.

Len says their footwork was great. He, too, like their hips. Bruno says their arm placement is fantastic. He says the dance was sprinkled with naughtiness. Carrie Ann says they came out with confidence. She liked it.

Maria & Mitchell

Dance: Samba

Julianne Hough coached these two. Mitchell says he’s always wanted to dance with Julianne. I think some of the fellas in the newsroom feel the same. I thought these two were really good. This samba was fast-paced and fun!

Bruno says it was a power samba. Carrie Ann says it was outstanding – like poetry in motion. Len says they were better than Julianne and Mark Ballas when they were young.

Craig & Samantha

Dance: Jive

Maksim Chmerkovskiy showed up to coach these two. I think these two are all legs! When they kick, it’s like their legs go on forever. And that, dear readers, is a good thing. I think these two were the best of the junior dancers.

Carrie Ann says they were fantastic. She says they bring the characters to life. Len says he’s knocked out by their performance (he missed their first one). Bruno says it was energetic and athletic. He says it looked like they were flying. He called them two little birds.

Now, it’s on to the big kids show…

The hour starts with a performance of “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin.

Leona Lewis took the stage next. She sang “Bleeding Love.” Maks & Karina performed during this one. These two were H-O-T.

The rankings this week:

1. Lance & Lacey

2. Warren & Kym

2. Brooke & Derek

4. Cody & Julianne

Len says Cody gives 110%. Bruno says Lance brings great creativity. Carrie Ann says nobody brings the house down like Warren. Len says Brooke is the most polished dancer. He thinks she’s the one to beat.

Julianne takes the stage, not to dance, but to sing her song “My Hallelujah Song.”

John Legend performs his new song “Green Light.”

Warren’s mom says she wants to get out on stage with him. Cody’s mom says her son is amazing. Brooke’s husband says he’s falling in love with her again when he sees her dance. Lance’s grandfather is proud to watch him perform. Then, there were a bunch of other mushy comments by the loved ones.

Aretha Franklin returns to perform “Respect.” The current DWTS champs, Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas perform a fun dance during this song.

The final four talk about the competition. Lance says Brooke is a machine. Cody says Brooke hasn’t let down her game. Cody says Lance is a polished dancer. Warren says Lance has stage presence. Brooke says Lance is a threat who is starting to peak. Lance says Warren is a force to be reckoned with. Brooke says he makes you feel good during the competition. Lance says Warren wants to win. Lance says Cody gives it his all. Brooke says Cody has impressed everyone. Warren says Cody has great energy.

Now, the two couples through to the finals are: Lance & Lacey and Brooke & Derek.

That leaves Cody & Julianne and Warren & Kym. The pulse pounding music begins…dramatic pause…

Cody & Julianne. I hated to see anyone go, but I have had more fun watching Warren than Cody. I can’t wait to see what the top three do next week! The couples will perform one dance using the same song. Then, it’s the freestyle. See it all Monday night, then come back here for the recap.

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