The Case For Pushing Daisies

I just love Ned, The Pie Maker, and his friends. The idea of the Pie Hole Gang being put on a shelf to expire, well, that’s just half-baked!

Let me explain why this show deserves to be on ABC, why you should be watching and what you can do to keep it around.

First, a little background on “Pushing Daisies.” Lee Pace plays Ned, the Pie Guy. He just happens to have a little problem with personal space. You see, if he touches anything dead, it comes to life. If he touches something alive, it will die. He makes pies with Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) who just happens to have a crush on him but doesn’t know his secret. There’s Chuck (Anna Friel), who is Ned’s childhood friend. She knows his secret. They like each other but know they can never touch. Ned works with private investigator Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) to solve murders – Ned touches the dead, has one minute to ask questions, then he touches them, sending them on to the afterlife.

For me, the stories themselves aren’t the big draw. It’s the interaction between the characters. When Olive goes to live with nuns, the gang goes after her with Chuck taking the name “Sister Christian.” 80s rock reference – how could you NOT like that? When Emerson gets stuck in a hole, it’s Chuck who makes a Winnie The Pooh reference.

It’s not just the pop culture references, but the comic book feel of this show that also draws me in week after week. It’s like a story book come to life!

Before season 2 started, I gave serious thought to skipping this show. But I added it to a ridiculously long list of shows I would watch. Then, I told myself that if it didn’t make me laugh, I’d quit watching. Readers, I’m still with this show. And you should be, too!

It seems ABC is wishy-washy with this show (though “Eli Stone” keeps making the cut?!?). You could join the thousands who have signed the “Save Pushing Daisies” petition. But you could make the biggest mark just by tuning in each Wednesday. The more people who are watching, the better the odds ABC will keep this show. I have my fingers crossed, but I’m afraid it may not be enough. Still, the show may live on in a whole diffferent venue: the comic book. At least I would know what happens to the Pie Hole Gang. And perhaps the book wouldn’t make me crave pie as much as the show.

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