DWTS: From 5 To 4

The top five couples are just one show away from the semi-finals. Which one of these couples is going home? Will Cody get to dance with Julianne again? Find out as we go from five couples to four.

The judges all talked about the dances from last night. They didn’t say anything in this show that they hadn’t already said, so I’m not going to repeat it here.

The judges picked Warren & Kym to come back and perform their great tango. It was just as good this time as it was the first time they performed it.

Brad Paisley performed “Ticks” while Lacey and her brother, Benji, danced. No one can do a heel slide like Benji!

Here are the rankings:

1. Brooke & Derek

2. Warren & Kym

3. Lance & Lacey

4. Cody & Edyta

4. Maurice & Cheryl

The first couples advancing to the semi-finals are: Warren & Kym and Lance & Lacey.

Dr. Drew Pinsky counseled the couples. First up: Lance & Lacey. Dr. Drew says they need a positive mental attitude to win. He says they need to let each other have their feelings and be OK with that. Warren & Kym are the next couple in the doctor’s office. Dr. Drew says Warren’s life is busy, but he thinks that could hurt him. Maurice & Cheryl talk to Dr. Drew about their desire to win. Dr. Drew says once Maurice has the technique down, Cheryl will be able to get the emotion she wants out of Maurice.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance is next. This one was chosen by the voters, along with the contest and music. Derek & Julianne dance the jive to “Great Balls of Fire.” Wow. This was crazy fast! I cannot believe Julianne just had surgery two weeks ago! They even danced on a piano! Derek did a crazy back slide through Julianne’s legs and under the piano. I’m exhausted just watching this! Did I use enough exclamation points?

Dr. Drew’s meeting with Brooke & Derek focused on their breakdown a few weeks ago. Dr. Drew tells Derek to let Brooke be the student. Cody & Julianne talk about Cody’s stress in the competition. Cody cries about being worried over Julianne’s surgery, then thanks her for helping him grow. They hugged it out.

Brad Paisley comes back to perform “Let The Good Times Roll.” Maksim is one of six dancers who perform during the song. Where did his hair go??? He cut it all off. After the performance, he talks to Tom Bergeron about the DWTS Tour. Toni Braxton will be there – singing AND dancing! You can get more information on the tour, which rolls into San Antonio January 5th, here.

A little feature called Anatomy of A Dancer dissects what the dancers do. Some of the facts:

  • Pro dancers doing the jive can reach foot speeds up to 15 miles an hour
  • Pro dancers can spin 180 revolutions per minute – four times faster than a record player
  • Pro dancers have to exert forces in many different directions, where sprinters running 100 meters only have to exert force in one direction
  • Dancing requires a head to toe performance

The next couple through to the semi-finals: Brooke & Derek.

That leaves Maurice & Cheryl and Cody & Edyta in the bottom two. Cue the dramatic music…

Maurice & Cheryl are going home.

That means Cody gets to dance with Julianne next week! The stars will learn two more dances and get some personalized training tips from Len.

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One Comment on “DWTS: From 5 To 4”

  1. annie Says:

    thank goodness. Edyta wasn’t good for Cody. Julianne choreographs much closer to his personality, probably because Julianne and Derek are both so close to his age. Cody’s waltz with Edyta sucked all the youth out of him and became about her (admittedly nice) legs.

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