DWTS: Top 5 Dance

Can anyone stop Brooke from winning this thiing? She has not disappointed me once in this competition. This week, the stars perform two dances, including a solo in their Latin routine. Find out if Brooke gets another perfect score after the jump!

Cody Linley & Edyta Sliwinska

Dance: Fox Trot

I thought this was nice. Cody seemed to have confidence as he was dancing around with his substitute partner, Edyta.

Len says he was pleasantly surprised by Cody. He says Cody’s footwork was good, he was elegant and did a top notch job. Bruno says Cody was under control and had his most grown up performance to date. Carrie Ann liked it. She took off a point because Edyta’s foot came off the ground.


Dance: Mambo

They were out of sync a little early on in the dance. It looks like Edyta’s foot came off the floor at one point. Cody’s solo was all over the place. He ended on the judge’s table!

Carrie Ann gave it an “A” for effort and energy, but says it was erratic. Len says he was concerned the woman doesn’t do the same ending. He thought it was a little stiff and angular, but did two good dances tonight. Bruno says Cody had mambo fever, but says it went spasmatic at times. He appreciated the effort Cody put into it.



Brooke Burke & Derek Hough

Dance: Tango

I pulled a Carrie Ann and swear I spotted Brooke’s feet come off the ground! Other than that, I thought this was absolutely perfect!

Bruno says it was more than a tango, it was “los diablos.” He says they were in tune like two instruments that played together forever. Carrie Ann says that is why she is the last woman standing. Len says Derek has great choreography and Brooke performs well. However, he saw a lack of heel leads, they were out of sync, lost body contact and posture – that’s all professional criticism.


Dance: Mambo

Brooke started this one at the judge’s table with a sassy wig – or she had her hair cut after the first dance. Seriously, this woman should consider going into dancing when this is all over. She’s fantastic!

Len says it was a very ambitious performance. He was fixated on Brooke’s hips. He says there were a few times her legs were too flexed. Bruno says it could have revived the dead. He says Brooke is a great dancer. Carrie Ann says Brooke’s solo fit with the dance. She says Brooke’s posture was a little off.



Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke

Dance: Quick Step

I think this was one of Maurice’s best dances yet. He did a very good job!

Carrie Ann says she loved it. Len says Maurice had great footwork and good posture. I’m not sure what exactly Bruno said, but he liked it.


Dance: Paso Doble

Maurice’s solo was fully of cape twirling. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that it appears like Cheryl is either hurt or Maurice can’t do some moves because it looks like he’s about to flop her around on the ground, then it stops.

Bruno says it was strong and powerful. Carrie Ann says she loved the focus in this dance. Len says he thought the cape swirling went well with the dance. He liked it.



Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer

Dance: Fox Trot

This was such fun! I liked it a lot!

Len says he thought they had great elements, but overall it was very good. Bruno says it was a classic dance in a classic style, but it contained their quirky personality. Carrie Ann says Lance was very animated and a bright light. She says it was fun to watch.


Dance: Samba

Lance’s solo went with the rest of the dance, but it wasn’t that special. The rest of it was nice, but not anything special.

Carrie Ann says Lance did a really good job. She says during the solo, Lance’s eyes go far up and it’s distracting. Len says it had elements of the samba. He says he would have liked to have seen the solo have more samba flavor. He says Lance must work on his footwork – he has pigeon toes. Bruno says Lance did a difficult samba and did a nice job.



Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson

Dance: Tango

When they did these simultaneous kicks, I knew Warren had this dance down! I am happy to see the Warren I love back in this game!

Bruno says Secret Agent Warren Sapp is back and he does a mean tango. Carrie Ann says someone brought his sparkle game back to the floor. She loved it. Len says last week a flop, this week on top.


Dance: Jive

I thought Kym was wearing a cotton candy skirt! I’m wondering why the camera showed Warren’s face during his solo? It was pretty good. He was wearing sneakers – kind of weird. It almost looked like his feet were sticking to the floor. Still, I wonder how does a 300 pound man move like that?

Len says it’s a joy to watch – except for his feet. Len says words can’t describe his feet. Bruno says Warren releases fun. He says the feet were flat. Carrie Ann says Warren’s feet kept going. She loved his energy.



Brad Paisley will perform in between eliminations Tuesday. Lacey will dance with her brother, Benji. Also, the winning dance chosen by the viewers, along with the dancers, music and costume all done by you people who voted, will finally be unveiled! I’ll be back with the recap this time tomorrow.

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