DWTS: From 6 To 5

That’s the top six couples after their team dances. One team was definitely better than the other. Will that team score, along with your votes, determine who goes home this week? Find out after the jump.After watching a quick recap of Monday’s show (which, after the election, I had completely forgotten), I have decided Brooke should go on to be a professional dancer. The judges decide they want to see Team Paso Doble perform again.

Lionel Richie is back! He performed his new song “Good Morning.” Next, it’s time for the tally:

1. Brooke & Derek

2. Maurice & Cheryl

3. Warren & Kym

4. Lance & Lacey

5. Susan & Tony

6. Cody & Edyta

The first couple safe is: Maurice & Cheryl.

Kenny Mayne & Jerry Rice are back for “Dance Center.” Of Warren, Jerry says he put him out of a game. Len says Warren is a great, big bundle of joy. Len says Susan is doing well (he points out she’s in her 60s), but says she doesn’t always “wow” the judges. Len says Maurice gives 100% in Latin dances. There was much Kenny and Jerry silliness, but I don’t think it translates well. You might check the DWTS page to see if they post it. Choreographer Dave Scott takes to the stage to do a magical dance routine to the song “Magic.”

More “Dance Center.” Len says Lance dances with passion and needs to work on getting the technique. Len says Brooke has no weaknesses. He says she’s consistently fantastic. They showed some clips of her hyper-extended legs – I’m freaked out. Len says Cody is cute. Len says Cody’s hold is a problem in ballroom dances. Kenny says he’s an expert on the tango hold, so Len dances with Kenny. AWK-WARD. And creepy.

The next two couples safe are: Brooke & Derek and Warren & Kym. Hmm…Team Paso Doble is through to next week. Conspiracy, anyone?

Lionel Richie returns for some “Dancing on the Ceiling.” If you’re reading this at work, click the link! How can you not be in a good mood when you hear that song?

The stars talk about their challenges in the competition. Lance says the judges can make him lose confidence. Brooke says it’s difficult to push through injury. Susan says dancing in rehearsal is not the same as dancing on the show. Maurice says ballroom is harder for him. Cody says getting a new partner at this stage in the competition is scary. Warren says learning two dances a week is hard for him. Oh, and he loves the costumes.

Back to the elimination… Lance & Lacey are safe. That leaves Cody & Edyta and Susan & Tony.

Susan & Tony go home.

Next week, the stars will perform a ballroom and latin dance, plus a solo!

Don’t forget, you can always go here to find out what music was used in the performances.

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