DWTS: Top 6 Perform

Now that there’s no Cloris to kick around, the remaining six dancers tackle a new dance and the first ever team dances.

Get the recap after the jump!Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson

Dance: Fox Trot

Something was a bit off, but I think Warren did a good job with this. He had the spirit and he made it his own.

Len says it wasn’t a classic fox trot, but Kym brought out Warren’s personality. He says it wasn’t Warren’s best dance. Bruno had a feather boa and said “I am what I am.” OK. He says Warren missed a lot of steps and is going backwards. Carrie Ann asked him what was going on. He says his feet weren’t right.  He says he’s not wearing his shoes. Carrie Ann says he didn’t have fun with it.


Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani

Dance: Paso Doble

Being an actress should help Susan here. She has to show passion, anger, force. Well, I saw it in her face, but not in the rest of her. Her arm movements and some of her steps don’t follow through. She steps so lightly, it’s like she’s gliding. That’s great in a waltz, but the passion was missing in her paso doble. I want more now that we’re more than halfway through the competition.

Bruno says Susan can ride the bull like a rodeo. Carrie Ann made Susan say “I am doing good.” Len says it was one of Susan’s great dances. OK, so what do I know? I’ve been taking DayQuil for two days!


Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke

DANCE: Cha Cha Cha

Maurice hyper-extended his leg during rehearsals for the team dance, so I’m anxious to see how he does tonight. He’s smiling a lot through this. I think this is pretty good. In fact, I think it’s the best dance he’s done in a few weeks.

Carrie Ann says it’s a perfect mix of form and freedom. She wants to see more like that from Maurice. Len says it was like cheap jewelry – bright and sparkly, not always top quality, but it was dazzling. He says it was Maurice’s best dance so far. Bruno says happy days are here again for Maurice. He says he needs to trust his instincts.


Cody Linley & Edyta Sliwinska

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Edyta is filling in for Julianne, who is recovering from surgery. I thought it would be weird to see Cody dancing with a woman a few years older than him, but it wasn’t. He and Edyta had a lovely dance.

Len says he thought they looked comfortable together, but he didn’t think Cody looked comfortable doing the dance. Bruno says it was like watching a fledgling bird stretching his wings, but not quite being able to take off. He says Cody was clumsy. Carrie Ann thought it was great.


Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer

Dance: Rumba

They danced barefoot. Hmm. It was nice, but it seemed like it was more about Lacey than Lance. AGAIN. It was rumba-ish. I think it was light on the content. Lance’s friend, Kathy Griffin, liked it.

Bruno says barefoot in the park has never been more seductive and romantic. He says it was an inspired and contemporary take on the rumba. Carrie Ann says it was fantastic and Lance’s best dance. Len says he didn’t get it. He says the no shoes did not enhance the dance. He didn’t understand the bench. Len says Lance doesn’t need all that nonsense.


Brooke Burke & Derek Hough

Dance: Fox Trot

This girl is GORGEOUS! And doing this dance just made her look even more beautiful! She looked like an old-time movie star! There was no gimmick – just dancing. I loved it! So did her husband, David Charvet.

Carrie Ann gave it three “wows!” She says Brooke is getting as good as the professionals. Len says it was fantastic. Bruno says it was brilliant from start to finish. I smell a perfect score.


Team Cha Cha

This is the first ever team dance. This team is made up of Cody & Edyta, Susan & Tony and Lance & Lacey. This will be judged and the points will be added to their individual scores. It looked like Cody was counting at the beginning. First strategy: the ladies unbutton the guys shirts. Cody’s solo was first. It was fun. Then came Susan’s. I’m sorry, but she’s so soft in her movements it bothers me. She looked great in that little costume, though. Next came Lance and Lacey. They had a sexy little solo. Cody may not have been counting, but he was doing this weird thing with his mouth. Susan looked a little lost, sometimes looking at the other girls to see what they were doing. The guys did a little booty shake at the end. Overall, this was fun.

Len says he thought they did an excellent job. He thought Lance and Lacey’s solo saved the job. Bruno says it was teetering on the brink of disaster, rescued by Lance and Lacey. Carrie Ann says they didn’t dance in unison. She says it was brutal to watch. She says Lance and Lacey did a great job.


Team Paso Doble

Maurice & Cheryl, Brooke & Derek and Warren & Kym are on this team. These guys are strong, so I have high expectations. I worry about Warren tossing Kym around – she could get thrown into the atmosphere! Warren and Kym’s solo was first. They did a good job. I wish Warren had the cha cha, because I like when he smiles while dancing and there was no grin here. Maurice and Cheryl were next. This was fast and furious. Brooke and Derek were fantastic – as usual. At the end, they were all dancing together, and unlike the previous group, they were together. They did a cool move at the end where the girls were tossed out at the same time.

Bruno says the men were all blazing guns and the girls were awesome weapons. He says they always looked like a team. Carrie Ann says it was total teamwork and they were all flawless in their solos. Len says it’s easier to keep formation in a marching dance. He says they did a fantastic job. He says it was stronger than the team cha cha.


The results show is being moved to Wednesday because of Election Night activities. Lionel Richie will perform. I’ll be back with a recap of that show on Wednesday!

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