DWTS: From 7 to 6

Now THAT’S a group dance! But sadly, one couple will have to leave the funk behind. Can you spot ’em here? If not, follow the jump for the recap of this week’s elimination show!Is it me, or is it easier to understand Bruno on the recap than when he makes his comments on dancing night? Perhaps I’m beginning to speak Bruno. Why is everyone dressed in that really bad hip hop attire?

OK. It’s an encore of the hip hop dance, including Cody’s beat boxing. Susan is still lost. I think the smartest thing they did was get Cloris out of the way. That was a lot of dancing. It makes me tired just watching it again! Here are the rankings:

1. Lance & Lacey

2. Brooke & Derek

3. Warren & Kym

4. Cody & Julianne

4. Susan & Tony

6. Maurice & Cheryl

7. Cloris & Corky

New leader! Now, the first two couples through to next week: Lance & Lacey and Cody – who will perform with Edyta while Julianne recovers from having her appendix removed.

Yay! Kid dancers! First up, 13-year-old Craig and 11-year-old Samantha. They’re siblings. Their little sister was on the show last season (she didn’t win). Craig and Samantha do the cha cha cha. They’re great! Michael Flatley says they were sensational. Bruno says it was fantastic and had an incredibly vibrancy. Carrie Ann says they are like poetry in motion. Then, she gave them a “Woo Hoo!” The second couple are Simon and Lucy. They’re both 13. They dance the samba. They’re really good, too! Carrie Ann says they are wonderful. She says Lucy has some beautiful hyper-extended shapes. Michael says it’s great to see young people dance so wonderfully. Bruno says samba is the party dance and it looked like they were having fun. He also liked Lucy’s extension in her arms.

The judges choose Craig and Samantha. The Pussycat Dolls perform their new song, “Whatcha Think About That“, with Missy Elliott. Edyta appears with Cody. She calls him one of the most talented young people that have ever been on the show. Cody says Julianne’s surgery went as planned and she’s home recovering. Next week, there are team dances, with the couples being split up into two groups – and apparently it will be scored. The next couple safe is: Warren & Kym.

Guest judge Michael Flatley performs a gangster-like routine. It starts with a silhouette of him on a big red screen. It’s almost like watching Bing Crosby dance. Then, he comes out on a small platform and taps away, kicking up dust. Then, it catches fire! He’s smokin’! Susan & Tony are in jeopardy. Brooke & Derek are safe. Cloris & Corky are in jeopardy. Maurice & Cheryl are safe.

OK. Dramatic music. Tom says, “The couple with the lowest combined total and therefore leaving right now…” Cloris says, “I’m not leaving.” Tom says, “I’m afraid you are. Cloris & Corky.”

Cloris tells the judges she couldn’t have been voted off by any nicer people. Carrie Ann tells Cloris she loves her. Cloris tells Michael to kiss his father for her. Cloris takes a seat on the floor. She says she’s not leaving. She says, “I’m going to get a pretty costume and be here next week.”

Will she return? Tune in next week. We’ll see what dances the couples do and figure out how this group dance scoring will work.

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