Truth Test: Obama’s Citizenship

Over the last few weeks, it seems not one day has gone by that we have not received an email telling us that

  1. Barack Obama is not a US Citizen
  2. Obama cannot legally be a candidate for President of the United States
  3. A lawsuit has been filed to get Obama off the ballot and the media is not reporting it

If you love a good conspiracy, you’ll probably want to stop reading here.First, I’ll address the lawsuit.

Philip Berg is an attorney who filed the claim in Philadelphia. Among his claims:

1. Where was Obama born? Hawaii; an island off of Hawaii; Kenya; Canada; or ?

2. Was he a citizen of Kenya, Indonesia and/or Canada?

3. What was the early childhood of Obama in Hawaii; in Kenya; in Indonesia when he was adopted; and later, back to Hawaii?

4. An explanation as to the various names utilized by Obama that include: Barack Hussein Obama; Barry Soetoro; Barry Obama; Barack Dunham; and Barry Dunham.

5. Illinois Bar Application – Obama fails to acknowledge use of names other than Barack Hussein Obama, a blatant lie.

You can read the whole lawsuit here. WARNING: Court documents aren’t the most exciting reads, so be prepared to go through a whole lot of legal speak – without the entertainment of Denny Crane. Some of the emails we have received allege Obama and the DNC have refused to respond to the filing. That’s not true. Just this week, we received an email that claimed the Philadelphia judge ordered Obama to prove his citizenship was also not true. The case was dismissed Friday. You can read about that here.

Let’s get to those questions Berg raised. Obama was born in Hawaii, nearly two years after it became a state. Obama posted his birth certificate on his own site, Fight The Smears. Take a good look at it. After repeated allegations that the document was not legitimate, Fact Check, a non-partisan group, managed to get up close to the document. You can see their pictures, and read about their full findings here. They even found a birth announcement in a Honolulu newspaper. Oh, and that image came from a Hillary Clinton supporter (if that means anything to you).

I will say here what I have been saying in the responses I send to the people who forward this story to us: As nasty as this campaign has been, don’t you think Clinton or John McCain – or anyone else who has challenged Obama in the political field – would have raised this issue a long time ago? Could it be the candidates have stayed away from this because they did not think it had any merit? I’m no political pro, but I think if any candidate thought Obama was not qualified for this – or any reason – they would have made sure the issue was raised?

I would love to satisfy those conspiracy theorists by telling them the evil media has been in the bag for Obama and thus ignoring this story. But the reality is this: it has been largely ignored because no one suspected Berg’s lawsuit would go anywhere. That has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with fact.

The truth hurts.

Especially when it’s not what you want to hear.

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7 Comments on “Truth Test: Obama’s Citizenship”

  1. pig headed doh doh Says:

    I still don’t think he is a citizen. The birth Certificate appears doctored according to Savitch on the radio.

  2. Joe The Fact Finder Says:

    That’s REAL smart. Judge a document by what some guy says on the radio. Did you even bother to look at the documents yourself? Or do you prefer to let others do the thinking for you?

  3. William Says:

    Are we to accept that the “Birth Announcement” fragment (=out-of-context) from “a Honolulu Newspaper” (a no-name Newspaper?) is any kind of PROOF of proper Citizenship to be eligible for the Presidency of the USA? Who submitted the photo is entirely irrelevant. Besides, mere ‘mention’ that they are “a Hillary Supporter” – even if they are on TV saying it to the camera – is as good “evidence” as the photo – worthless.

    Since when can we conclusively determine anything as important as a Constitutional requirement for eligibility for the Presidency of the USA by the actions of a 3rd party – whether they are an opposing candidate or the supporter of an opposing candidate or a fragment from a newspaper without mentioning the newspaper’s name, date of publication or even including a full shot of the page? Could *you* get a government job by submitting this kind of credential as “proof” of Birth? Of course not.

    Who says we *want* to hear anything? That remark is very indicative of your non-objectivity in this matter. What is sought here is TRUTH – verifiable evidence of the strongest kind to the effect that Obama satisfies all the requirements stipulated in the US Constitution. It is that simple.

    Perhaps there is no formal way that this has been proven for each candidate in the past elections, and perhaps there is; if not – it is high time that we establish a way that this is qualification is to be determined. I would think it would be a firm requirement for each candidate as they apply for candidacy in each State. Obviously it is not – or such evidence would have easily come forward by now.

  4. Joe Says:

    I’ve had to prove my citizenship on a number of occasions: For military service, for jobs, for a fraking drivers license. However a guy is not required to prove citizenship to be president? In fact the courts actually rule that the guy doesn’t have to produce proof. Anyone else find this a bit odd?

  5. Tom Johnson Says: is not a “non-partisan” group! Go to their website, click on the “about us” tab. Research further and you will see that is a project of the Annenberg Foundation. Barrak H. Obama was a founding member, chairman and president of the Chicago Anenberg Challange, which was funded by the Anenberg Foundation…
    Things that make you go “Hmmmm”.

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