DWTS: Top 7 Perform

There are the top seven. As nice as they all look in their ruffles and sequins, this week, they’re performing a group hip hop routine. I already have questions (and fears): will they have sparkly costumes? How will an 82-year-old grandmother break it down? And will Michael Flately, Lord of the Dance, be too nice to the couples?

Get some answers in my recap!Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Just when I think I’m over Maurice, he has to go and dnace this lovely dance! Either he’s getting better or Cheryl is doing choreography that highlights his talents.

Michael says it’s unbelievable to see the fastest man on Earth do something slow, elegant and graceful. He says the timing could have been better. Carrie Ann thought it was sweet. She says Maurice’s posture is better. She says Maurice and Cheryl need mor chemistry. Bruno says the moves were there, but it lacked fluidity.


Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer

Dance: Jive

Lance got help in the rehearsal from Joey Fatone, who did a FANTASTIC jive when he was on DWTS. I think they wasted some time at the beginning with Lance sliding down the stair rail and doing a flip. Then, once he met up with Lacey, there was a whole lot of jiving going on! This one had more content than last week’s dance. Lance did another heel slide and this time he did not fall down. This was fun to watch. I liked it much better than last week’s. Was that Britney Spears in the audience?

Bruno says Lance is back on target. Michael says Lace came out smokin’. Carrie Ann gave it a woo and waved her hands around in the air.


Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani

Dance: Mambo

Susan has such a great body – this is the first time I think she’s really shown it off. Oh, speaking of bodies: Tony didn’t have his shirt buttoned. He has abs like a Ken doll! She seemed a little timid and hurried as she was doing this dance. I still don’t think she follows through the steps. She even looked lost at times. I did not like this one.

Carrie Ann says Susan is no longer dancing in “the box.” Bruno says we’re seeing the devil lurking under Susan’s skin. However, he says the timing is off. Michael says Susan is the epitome of elegance, grace and beauty. He says Susan might have been off a bit, but he didn’t think it was that great of a deal.


Brooke Burke & Derek Hough

Dance: Rumba

Brooke hurt her right foot – a tendon strain. The doctor recommends she rest it for seven days. Clearly, Brooke does not want to give up her spot at the top of the leader board. Derek is working the choreography around her injury. This girl doesn’t have to try hard to be sexy. When she dances, you can’t even tell she’s hurt. This was great – as usual.

Michael says she took his breath away. Michael pretty much says she’s getting a 10 (he’s the only one who gives them a perfect score). Carrie Ann says it was not Brooke’s best dance. She says Brooke’s lines were awkward and it looked like she had pain in her movement. Bruno says Brooke was under par.


Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Corky says he’s at his wits end. He brings in Cloris’ ex-husband to get some help teaching her. Cloris is showing a lot of leg and a lot of cleavage. She actually wasn’t bad. She had trouble with some of the moves, but considering her age (82), I thought it was good. I did worry for a little bit when Corky spun her around on the ground. And I’m thinking that’s NOT Britney in the audience – it’s some other blonde who looks familiar.

Bruno says Cloris is the only person in the world able to sell such nonsense and people buy it. Michael says Cloris is an inspiration to older people. He says his father told her not to say a bad thing to her. Carrie Ann says she learned you don’t have to behave when you’re older. Then, she says she’s upset that Toni Braxton was sent home last week for this performance.


Cody Linley & Julianne Hough

Dance: Samba

Julianne was sick after last week’s show. She just found out she has endometriosis and is having her appendix removed Tuesday. Edyta will fill in for Julianne if he’s not eliminated Tuesday. Julianne thinks she’ll be back in one week. Cody gets a spray tan and they spray dark color on his hair. This kid can dance. This was crazy fast. I liked this!

Carrie Ann says it was the most intense samba she’s ever seen. She loved it. Bruno says there was no bounce. She says it was more like a paso doble. Michael says Cody is great looking and has great balance. He says there was great determination but says the best is yet to come.


Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson

Dance: Rumba

I wasn’t feeling this. It was nice, but I wanted more out of Warren. I felt like he was holding back.

Michael says it was entertaining. He wanted to see more dancing. He thought it was smoking. Carrie Ann says it was pretty sexy. She says Warren reminds her of Emmitt Smith, only she says he’s more emotional. Bruno says Warren gets the character right every time. But he says Warren made some mistakes on the footwork.


Group Dance

Shotyme choreographs this rowdy bunch. Each celebrity had to show off t heir skills in rehearsal. Cloris walked into rehearsal with a giant boombox. I’m worried about her. She did a silly rap. I love that when Warren trash talks, he smiles. The dance starts with Cody doing some beat boxing. Cloris’ moves are more punching. Then she walks to the back of the group while everyone else breaks it down. Susan was lost for much of this. Warren’s solo was cool. Susan was looking around her to see what everyone else was doing. Other than that, it was such fun, I watched it twice.

Bruno says some looked hip and some looked hip replacement. Michael says he thought it was great to see them dance together. Carrie Ann says Shotyme took us back to the Fly Girls day. She says they did a good job.

Michael Flatley will perform Tuesday. The little ballroom dancers will also give it a go. See that and find out who gets eliminated. Come back for my recap!

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