Afraid of peaking too soon?

Okay, so I hope everyone’s training for the marathon (or half in my case) is going well.  My question for everyone, beginners, pros, and all those in-between, are you concerned about peaking too soon?  I only ask this because I wonder if I am approaching my high point right now so I’m looking for a little help.  My whole schedule is set on becoming a little faster every week but in my stubborness, I tend to push myself a bit faster each time because I have a goal that’s a little above what I had originally set.  While it’s not a HUGE fear, it is a minor one that the next week I’ll feel like I’m flying and then come the 16th, my wave will start and I’ll sink.  Well, again, hope the training is going great.  And oh, before I forget!  My co-worker is raising money for a great cause but he wants people to have a bit of fun with it.  He and I (and his wife) are all running the half and he’s accepting donations in the form of friendly bets on which one of us will have the faster time.  But don’t let his self-given nickname deceive you!!  Here’s the link:

Charles Gonzalez is the weekend anchor and a reporter with KSAT-12.

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