DWTS: From 8 To 7

One of these couples will not go on to dance again. I bet it’s not the one you’re thinking of! The recap of this week’s elimination is after the jump!

Since I sat through Monday’s show, and I don’t have an interest in the new “High School Musical” movie, I’m skipping the first hour so I can get right to the elimination show.

The judges gather around a table to discuss the show. Carrie Ann says Warren is focused at the beginning of his dance, then he let’s go. The judges point out Maurice and the sportsmen – they come right back and perform. Carrie Ann says Cody’s dance was physically demanding. Len says he’s great. Len says he couldn’t give a ten to a jitterbug – even Brooke’s. Len says Toni has to figure out what she did wrong and come back strong. Len says if Lance is back next week, he has got to make his move. Len says Cloris was full of entertainment. Carrie Ann says Susan needs to take a risk. Len says she needs to come out and perform. Len is getting a few days off next week. THE LORD OF THE DANCE – Mr. Michael Flatley – is going to fill in for Len next week. Cody and Julianne perform their jitterbug and it is just as fun as the first time!

Brian Setzer and his orchestra perform “Rock This Town” while Karina and Louis dance. Now to the rankings:

1. Brooke & Derek

2. Cody & Julianne

3. Maurice & Cheryl

4. Warren & Kym

5. Susan & Tony

5. Toni & Alec

7. Cloris & Corky

7. Lance & Lacey

The first two couples who are safe are: Warren & Kym and Cloris & Corky. What?!? How can this be??? Samantha did some weird beat box thing – if you can call it that.

Young dancer time! 10-year-old Alisa and 11-year-old Anthony are the first couple up. Their dance is the jive. These mini-dancers are all arms and legs! This was crazy fast – the kind of dance kids can do as the grown ups would get winded about halfway through it! I even liked Anthony’s b-boy moves! Len says he thought it was fantastic. He says it was full of energy. Bruno says it was great, sharp and clear. Carrie Ann says they’re adorable and they’re going to become stars because they have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. 13-year-old Mitchell and 12-year-old Maria are up next. They’re doing the paso doble. Wow! These two are good! Carrie Ann says they’re fantastic. She says they had incredible fluidity and power. Len says he loved the shapings. Bruno says the degree of sophistication was great. The couple going on to the finals is: Mitchell and Maria.

The Macy’s celebration was amazing! It was choreographed by Rich & Tone. It’s called “Dancing Through The Decades.” It’s American dance styles from the 1930s, the 1960s, the 1980s and the future. It involves 26 dancers. The James Brown guy was fantastic!

After some silly trash talk by the contestants, it’s back to the elimination…

The next two couples safe are: Cody & Julianne and Maurice & Cheryl.

Brooke & Derek are safe. Toni & Alec are in the bottom two. Lance & Lacey are safe. Susan & Tony are in the bottom two. The pulse pounding music thumps. And the couple going home is…

Toni & Alec. I’m actually surprised because I thought Toni was better than Susan.

Next week, the couples will perform in a group hip hop dance. Cloris will make this interesting.

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