Truth Test – October 21st

With all the rumors that have circulated about this campaign (see this post for a sample), is it really a surprise that there are a whole lot of rumors circulating about voting?

We have gone straight to the source – Bexar County’s Election Administrator, Jacque Callanen – to get the truth behind the these fast-flying rumors.


If you wear a shirt, hat or pin supporting a candidate at the polls, you cannot vote.

TRUTH: “You cannot vote wearing that paraphernalia. We ask that you step outside our 100 foot mark and either change shirts, put a jacket on, take the pins off, take the hats off and then you are welcome to come back in.”


If you vote with an absentee ballot, you must submit a color photocopy of your ID or your vote will be thrown out.

TRUTH: “No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. We do have for first time voters who were voting with an absentee that they have to send in some form of ID – just as if you appeared at the polls.”


If your home is under foreclosure, you cannot vote.

TRUTH: “In Texas, we have what’s called ‘Fail Safe Voting.’ So if you no longer live in that home, you are still eligible to vote in that precinct and when you go back, our election officials will say have you moved and then you give them the new address. You’re always in your old address in Texas.”


Undercover officers will be at the polls on Election Day and will arrest voters with outstanding warrants or traffic offenses.

TRUTH: “I think that’s just an amazing rumor. I have not heard that one. and absolutely not. They have no standing to be in the polls and our election officials are really, really good at keeping the people who are not supposed to be there out. The only sheriffs that are allowed to be at the polls are listed by duty and the election code and they deliver our supplies or they go there for peace keeping or traffic control.”


If you vote “Straight Democratic,” your vote for President will not count.

TRUTH: “That’s absolutely not true. On our units, if you vote in person, if you vote straight Democrat, you’ll see that all the Democratic candidates are highlighted. If you vote straight Republican, all the Republican candidates are highlighted. But if you get to a particular race that you feel passionate about, you may cross over vote. You may vote for the other candidate. When you touch that race, it will remove the highlighted line for the party of your choice, and then you’ll be able to vote for the other candidate.”

Now, with that silliness out of the way, I’ll give you some information you can REALLY use.

Here are the locations for early voting. Our friendly web editor, Joe, has put them on a map so you can see which ones are closest to you.

Get a look at the ballot before you head to the polls. You can also learn more about the candidates here.

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