DWTS: Top 8 Perform

Now that we don’t have Rocco and Karina to kick around, that means all eyes are on Cloris! Will the 82-year-old grandmother survive another week of competition? And how will the couples do with these four dances that have never been performed on the show? Get the answers after the jump!

Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer

Dance: West Coast Swing

Lance says he almost got kicked out of NSYNC because he was such a bad dancer. Apparently he learns fast. Now, he’s learning the West Coast Swing – which Lacey’s dad brought to ballroom. This MUST be good! Lance did the heel slide I’ve seen Lacey’s brother do so well on another dance show that shall remain nameless. This was less swing and more salsa-like. Lance slipped doing another heel slide with Lacey. I don’t know about this. I think Lacey has fallen into what she did on that other dance show – she uses her partner more as a prop than as an equal. I think it was just OK.

Len says Lance proved last week he can dance. He says Lacey needs to give off more of her talent and show off her partner more. Bruno says it looked like Lance was window dressing for Lacey. Carrie Ann says Lacey did an excellent job. She thought Lacey did not pay enough attention to Lance’s dancing. She says Lance has great potential.


Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo

Dance: West Coast Swing

I bet Alec doesn’t mind swinging Toni around! She looks like a little doll! OOH! Moonwalk! This was fun. I wanted more swing!

Bruno says Toni is slinky and sexy. He says there were some sections that were West Coast Swing, but he questioned the moonwalk. Carrie Ann says Toni overdanced it. Len says Toni has the credentials to be a great dancer, but she needs more excitement.


Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani

Dance: Hustle

Susan broke some bones in her foot. She’s dancing in boots, so maybe that will help her. This was a whole lot of twirling. Susan is such a trouper – she kept a smile on her face through the whole song. The lift at the end was great!

Carrie Ann thought it was fun and noticed there wasn’t any pain showing on Susan’s face. She says Susan doesn’t break out and just get at the dance. Len says Tony was treating Susan like a China doll. Bruno says it did look like an Uptown Girl Hustle. He says Susan did all the steps and says her dance was a bit precious.


Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson

Dance: Hustle

If I were Kym, I’d be afraid of doing stunts with Warren. He could easily toss her far into the audience. Great lifts in this. This looks more disco than the last hustle. The song “Funkytown” was perfect for Warrne. I feel like he took the hustle and funked it up – in a good way! He brought the audience to their feet.

Len says that’s what he wants. He says it was fun and enjoyable. Bruno says that’s a guy that really knows how to funk. Carrie Ann says it was fun.


Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas

Dance: Salsa

I love an 82-year-old who says she’s not afraid to bring it! And I think she did – as best she can. This was super fast and fun! Cloris danced this in heels and never lost her personality. Love her! If my grandmother knew how to use the internet, I’d demand she read this blog. CLORIS IS DANCING!

Bruno says Cloris did the salsa – that’s a plus. He says it was like she had just had a pitcher of margaritas. Carrie Ann says she makes them forget it’s a dance competition. Len says he loves Cloris because she’s the first person older than him (he’s 64). He says Cloris was hotter than a chili pepper.


Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke

Dance: Salsa

During rehearsal, Cheryl told Maurice he’s lazy and doesn’t care. Hmm…is that how you motivate athletes? We’ll see. Wow. Their costumes are so bright my eyes hurt. There was more to this one that Cloris’s salsa. I think this one got better at the end. It looks like they started to have fun about halfway through this dance. Good stuff.

Carrie Ann gave Maurice a hug. Len says Maurice gave it his all. Bruno says whatever Cheryl did, she has to do it again. He says Maurice took control of the stage.


Brooke Burke & Derek Hough

Dance: Jitterbug

Derek had to go online to learn this dance. These two look like they’re going to some crazy sock hop! From Brooke’s pink polka dot skirt and pig tales to Derek’s Elvis-like hair. This was a lot of fun to watch. And these two definitely deserve a spot in the finals!

Len says he had the same hair as Derek in 1959. He says Brooke is consistently good. Bruno says it was upbeat and “American Graffiti” like. Carrie Ann says it was amazing.


Cody Linley & Julianne Hough

Dance: Jitterbug

Julianne and Cody spied on Derek and Brooke since Julianne had no idea what she was doing. She talked a little bit of trash to her brother (Derek). These two looked a little like Lucy and Ricky. Lots of wild lifts here. This is my favorite dance of the night! The crowd was on their feet for them!

Bruno says that was more than a jitterbug, it was a firebug. He says it was slapstick that let Cody’s acting skills show. Carrie Ann says this was the perfect dance for Cody. She says he’s giving someone else a run for their money. Len says he liked it.


Brian Setzer and his orchestra perform Tuesday night. There’s some special Macy’s celebration (floats, perhaps?). And one of the couples will go home. Come back to this blog to find out what happens!

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