DWTS: Misty’s Out, Now What?

Misty May-Treanor can’t dance because of that torn Achilles tendon. But it’s elimination night? What will they do?

Somebody has to go, right? Well, it is elimination night…

The show begins with the usual recap of last night’s dances. No surprises there. Since Misty and Maks couldn’t perform their jive, Maks danced it with Edyta.Maks was in highwater pants with suspenders (a la nerd). Edyta was wearing a costume like Britney Spears in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video – until you saw her knees. She had these weird leg warmer-like things on that kind of looked like pants from the knee down. Kooky. But the jive was awesome! Now the rankings for the week:

1. Brooke & Derek

2. Warren & Kym

3. Maurice & Cheryl

5. Toni & Alec

5. Lance & Lacey

6. Cody & Julianne

6. Susan & Tony

8. Rocco & Karina

9. Cloris & Corky

Now, the first couples safe from elimination: Brooke & Derek and Cloris & Corky. WHAT?!?!? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Kool & The Gang perform some of their hits (“Jungle Boogie,” “Ladies Night,” “Celebration“) as six dancers shimmy, shake and spin around the dance floor. Then, the stars talk about the skills they had before they hit the dance floor. More results: Maurice & Cheryl are safe.

The Rockettes come out and kick their way through one of their perfectly danced routines.

Jennifer Hudson performs her hit “Spotlight” with Julianne and Derek dancing. Then a few choreographers talk about the moves on the show and the challenges of getting non-dancers to do the steps.

Tom and Samantha point out the injuries on the show. Derek made note of the “Bermuda Triangle” on the stage, where many stars and the pros have been hurt. Then, we see the bumps and bruises and other wounds that come from dancing on this show. Who knew dancing was so dangerous? Warren & Kym and Toni & Alec learn they’re through to the next week.

Four couples remain on the stage. Since Misty had to withdraw, no one is going home this week. However, the judges scores and the votes from this week are added to next week. So who would have been going home? Not Susan & Tony, Cody & Julianne. So that leaves Rocco & Karina and Lance & Lacey. Cue dramatic music.

Rocco & Karina.

I think he’s awkward. But he has a second shot to redeem himself next week. Rocco will have to work very hard to impress the judges and the voters. They have a lot of making up to do.

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One Comment on “DWTS: Misty’s Out, Now What?”

  1. Deyda Says:

    I think Rocco is very handsome, but he is useless for ballroom dance. And Karina has give him a lot of patience but he doesn’t learn so it happend that he has to leave.
    To me next to leave is Corky and Cloris, even dough she is adorable and makes me laugh, the competition it;s getting harder so, next I think she will be eliminated.

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