Possibly my proudest moment

You know, I like to feel that I’ve accomplished a few things in my life.  Graduated high school, graduated college, got married and now I’m even a dad.  I’ve been proud of those accomplishments and like to think that others (mostly relatives) have shared in some of that pride.  But I think they’re all about to be trumped.  In a few weeks, my sister and I will attend my mom’s college graduation.  She’ll be 60 next month.  I know she’s not at the age where even my station would say, ‘Wow, we need to do a story on that,’ because I’ve seen 90-year old high school and college grad stories.  But nevertheless, her walking the stage is easily one of my top, if not the the top, pride-instilling moments in my life.  My mom started going to college over 30 years ago, got married, had kids, yadda yadda and never went back.  But a couple years ago, she got into a program through her work to go back.  In the past year she took over 40 credit hours, either online or at Palo Alto.  It wasn’t always easy and she thought about quitting more than once, but with our support she stuck it out.  Her degree will automatically put her in line for a promotion and possibly another one very soon.  She’s said she wants to work as long as she can and while I’d love for her to retire and take a break after 40+ years of working, it makes me respect her even more.  So here’s to my mom, the college graduate.  🙂

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