National Stay At Home Week

That’s what the folks are ABC are calling this week as most of its shows either return or premiere this week. If you haven’t set your DVR or decided what to cozy up to, I’ll help you get started.


Dancing With The Stars, 7-9PM

Thirteen stars will team up with their pro-partners for the first night of competition. They’d better shine because this will be the only dance for one couple.

If you go to their website, you can play a fantasy game and even print your own paddles and elimination chart so you can score and keep tabs at home.

Boston Legal, 9-10PM

The legal drama is back. There are a few teasers on the website. Sorry I can’t write more, I’m not familiar with this show.


Opportunity Knocks, 7-8PM

This is a game show that gets the whole family involved. Participants will be quizzed to determine how much they know each other. The show’s website lets you create a quiz about yourself so you can see how well your family and friends know you. There’s also a link for a contest to win $1,000, a way for you to try to get on the show and even the chance to get one of your own questions on the show.

Dancing With The Stars, 8-10PM

Two more hours of dancing. This time, one star will get the boot and 12 more will perform a new dance. One of them will be eliminated.


Dancing With The Stars, 7-8PM

The last elimination of the week leaves us just 11 stars going into the week. While I sometimes hate to see anyone get tossed from the show, I am excited to see the small pros do their thing in their own competition. YAY!

Dive of Death, 8-10PM

David Blaine started hanging upside down Monday morning. He plans to stay that way for 60 hours. Big deal, you say? Well, he could go blind – even die – doing this stunt. I will be watching while holding my breath, just like I always do when he puts his body through one of these extreme tests.


Ugly Betty, 7-8PM

Betty’s back and she’s bringing some famous friends: Lindsay Lohan, Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa. If you want to know more about that catchy song that has been playing in the promos, you can find it on the site. There are also extras, including fashion tips, on the site.

Grey’s Anatomy, 8-10PM

Medical drama full of personal drama. Seriously. There’s so much happening, they made the season premiere two hours long. If you can’t wait until Thursday for the show, go to the website. You can play a fantasy game, take a quiz to find out which character you’re like, even get some advice from Dr. Heron.


20/20, 7-8PM

The hour-long news magazine show takes topics from the headlines and does a whole lot of digging to get the story. It actually premiered last Friday, but you can keep up on the show on the website.

Presidential Debate, 8-10PM

One of the most exciting presidential campaigns has just six weeks remaining. John McCain and Barack Obama square off in their first debate as nominees, followed by analysis by the ABC News experts.


Saturday Night College Football, 7-10:30PM

The teams change each week, but there’s just as much drama – if not more – than what you see on those scripted shows.


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 6-8PM

I dare you to watch this show without tearing up when you see the families getting a fresh start in their brand new homes! The site will point you to the decor used on the show as well as give you tips to make your home green and even tackle some do it yourself projects.

Desperate Housewives, 8-9PM

The ladies return to Wisteria Lane, only now it’s five years later. Go to the website to see which housewife you resemble, even get some of the recipes cooked up by the ladies (drama not included).

Brothers and Sisters, 9-10PM

The Walker Family has a whole lot of drama – you didn’t think they got it all out of their systems last season, did you? Go to the site for some insight from the writers.

You can see next week’s schedule here. And the full fall lineup is here.

You can always get caught up on ABC’s shows online. And I’ll be blogging about DWTS starting tonight!

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2 Comments on “National Stay At Home Week”

  1. Maria B. Says:

    Yay for Monday…DWTS! going to be the best season ever. Derek & Karina!

  2. Is it worth to risk your health just because of implementing stunt trick? Or maybe it’s all fake, like many people think about Blaine and all his “magic”? Has he got a talent, or is he just desperately trying to retrieve his 15 minutes of fame?

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