Tuesday Truth Test, September 16

This week, we take a look at some of the stories by and about the Republican Vice President nominee, Sarah Palin.

What’s fact and what’s fiction?

I’ve done some hunting to find out.

Just one week ago, John McCain’s campaign released this ad in which he and Palin are called “Original Mavericks.” It says:

The Original Mavericks.

He fights pork barrel spending.

She stopped the “bridge to nowhere.”

He took on the drug industry.

She took on big oil.

He battled Republicans and reformed Washington.

She battled Republicans and reformed Alaska.

They’ll make history.

They’ll change Washington.


Real change.

I’m John McCain and I approve this message.

Let’s take a look at that “stopped the bridge to nowhere” statement. For starters, Palin supported the $398 million bridge as a candidate for governor in 2006. McCain even used the bridge as an example of pork. Less than one year after she was elected, the project was dead and Palin called on local officials to find a “fiscally responsible alternative.”

You may have also heard Palin talk about putting the State’s luxury jet up for sale on eBay. That’s true.

The starting bid was $2.5 million, but no one bit.

Instead, an independent broker sold the jet for $2.1 million, $600,000 less than the Alaska taxpayers paid for it.

What has to be the strangest Palin tales have been circulated via email. I’ve seen two pictures so far of Palin looking less bookish. One includes a star-spangled bikini wearing gun-toting Palin, another has the VP candidate in a super short skirt and barely buttoned blouse.

Sorry, fellas. That’s not the lady who could be second in line for the Presidency. Well, it’s her face. It’s NOT her body. You can see the photo shopped proof (before & after) right here.

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One Comment on “Tuesday Truth Test, September 16”

  1. gringz Says:

    Oh come on, she was for the bridge until she looked into it and saw how wasteful it was going to be , so she stopped it.

    About the airplane. True she did put it on EBay, it didn’t sell there, yes it sold for less than what the previous Govornor paid for it , it’s called depreciation.

    You say Palin should not be second in line for the presidency, but look at the alternative who is FIRST in line , after 18 months of campaigning the general public knows nothing whatsoever about him, about his associations, the connections with Ayres, Dorhn, Rezko, Wright Pfleger are just passed off as people who happen to live in his neighborhood, when they are all tied together with the Woods Foundation , The Anhenberg Foundation, even going back to his Father figure-MENTOR when he was growing up, card carrying communist , Frank Marshall Davis. There are missing years that we don’t know about, who were his associations during his entire adult life besides the one’s I’ve mentioned above and other EXTREME radicals? Why aren’t any of them ever interviewed, why hasn’t the asociation with terrorist William Ayres been investigated? No the general public knows nothing about any of this stuff because the media in the tank for him covers up for him, but on the other hand they have converged on Palins hometown on a witch hunt to dig up anything they can possibly find to use against her. We know that her husband had a DWI way back over 20 years ago, but we don’t know anything about Obama’s CLOSE association with Terrorist William Ayres.

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