Electric Car

Think for a moment…an electric car. Do you picture a futuristic car that you’ve seen in sci-fi movies? A sleek body-style with gadets and gizmos running throughout the vehicle perhaps? I believe that I saw a vehicle of the future with an 80’s look.

I had the opportunity to meet a college student who has converted a 1988 Jeep Cherokee into an electric vehicle (EV) using only lead acid batteries which are used in golf carts. Of course, I was expecting a car with a cool sporty look but I was blown away by what I saw. A brown Jeep Cherokee that was still in pretty good shape. Nick Viera is the inventor of this EV.

Nick started this project when he was 16 years old. Thanks to the world wide web, Nick did his research on the internet and found out about everything from specifications, to different types of batteries, to what’s the best for our environment. His parents helped him out by giving him the truck and since it was still in good condition. Why not?  He spent over $10,000 on it. Now, that is a lot of money but Nick says “The after effects outweigh the cost of the conversion. Its better on the environment since it does not run on gas and creates no emissions.”

Nick yanked out the transmission, radiator and most other componets that a vehicle needs to operate. He installed 20 lead acid batteries and a battery charger. The one thing I liked was how the gas tank was converted into a plug for the battery. According to Nick, with a good lead acid battery you can get about 35 miles per charge. Other types of batteries that Nick is looking at is, Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium Ion. Although, Lithium Ion have been known to well…Explode.

Nick is now attending college out of state majoring in electrical engineering. When he’s not working on homework he’s spending time thinking of new ways to improve on his electric vehicles. Some of his other projects he’s working on… He intends to add air conditioning to his Jeep.  Most people would agree and say that’s a must especially down here in South Texas. He’s also working on converting a 1999 Mazda B3000 pickup truck into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.  I’m not much of a car person but I learned a lot from what Nick has done and in this day of age with high gas prices, how can you not look at alternatives?  You can visit his website by heading over to www.driveev.com No Gas, No Emissions, No Problem!

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5 Comments on “Electric Car”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I live in Kerrville and I found a lot less expensive way to get around town.
    I hop on my bike Theere is no place in town I can’t go (except up into the hills, where I have no reason to go).
    I’m going to be 70 next week and if I can do it so cna a lot of others if they want to.

  2. Now another option would be to simply buy an electric car or an electric scooter. I have an electric scooter which I could not be happier with. There are simply no recurring costs like fuel or maintenance. I have not noticed any increase in the electric bill either.

  3. Kenny Lammerding Says:

    Nothing like transforming a car that can provide transportation into one that cannot.
    What a jerk. Tell that fool to wait until a practical battery comes along. THAT’S why no one has ever successfully marketed an electric car. As youcan seem, any fool can attach an electric motor to the drivesshaft and attach some batteries. An intelligent 7 year old can easily do that. I’m impressed that this kid is so unrealistic and gullible. “No enmissions.?” Where can you find an outlet that provides electricity that was created without emissions? Only in Vermont, which has all nuclear power, that’s where. Otherwise your electric car’s emissions can be seen rising out of the smokestack of the nearest powerplant. What a nation of morons!

  4. sbrowne Says:

    Whoa Kenny, aren’t you the optimistic one. I can see you love your country too. Nick’s project was put together with materials on the market, most not engineered specifically for electric cars. He proves you can make something functional with ingenuity and know how. It’s quite an accomplishment and it proves to me that if American car companies put that kind of ingenuity to work they could easily produce plug in hybrids. Nick has a bright future because that is exactly what he wants to work at and I have no doubt that he will succeed. As far as your assertion that all of our electricity comes from smokestacks that is just absurd. Much of our South Texas electricity comes from emission free nuclear and wind.

  5. electric Says:

    Just a note to tell you about our new show. It airs on the Planet Green channel. A discovery channel dedicated to a healthy earth. Look for Mean Green Machines, the Red Rock Rumble episode. Electric Landrover vs Gas Landrover.
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    Channels seem to be as follows Direct TV channel 286, Dish Network channel 194, Comcast channel 201. May vary in your neighborhood, so check their site @ http://planetgreen.discovery.com .

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