Friday Freebies, July 25

I have free stuff, discounted stuff and coupons that should get you by for another week.

If you’re new to this weekly post, please make note of the date. Some of the items are timely and may not be vaild for long. That said, get to the savings by following the jump.

I found another coffee freebie. Just give the Cuisinart folks your info and they’ll send you some free java (which I suspect they hope you’ll brew in one of their coffee makers).

Speaking of coffee…If you have one of those Starbucks cards, use it TODAY (July 25) or TOMORROW (July 26) to get a FREE Vivanno (that’s their new smoothie-like drink).

The same people who help you get rid of hair now want to help you keep your clean. Click here for a free sample of Gillette’s new shampoo.

Whether you have a child or not, those baby wipes come in handy. Sign up here to get a free full size box of wipes.

Do you want your pearly whites to be brighter? Maybe some free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste will help.

I usually don’t link to sites that make you take surveys since they usually charge you for something and then they spam you. However, Good Morning America did this story on surveys that will get you free stuff. And if you want to start completing surveys for free stuff, GMA has this list of legitimate sites.

If you like to eat out, you’ll like this site: will sell you a certificate to restaurants in town for a real bargain. Get this: a $10 certificate for just $3 and a $25 certificate for $10!

Even if you can’t find a certificate for The Cheesecake Factory, you might consider going there on July 30th. You can get a slice of cheesecake for $1.50! That’s almost free!

Have you been given a gift card and you don’t want it? Go here to swap, buy or sell gift cards.

Have you seen those redbox thingies at McDonald’s? I don’t get the need to, say, rent a movie and get some nuggets, but if you do, sign up here and get a free rental.

Cheap music find of the week: Paul Westerberg’s new album – all 44 minutes of it – is available on for 49 cents. Not a typo. You can really score the whole album for less than the price of a soda.

As always, if you want to share a tip with the other readers or would like to challenge me to find a particular bargain, email me, Please put “FRIDAY FREEBIES” in the subject line. I get hundreds of emails every day and your might get overlooked.

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