Beat The Heat Inside

This week, ABC rolls out some summer shows in prime time that won’t make you work up a sweat trying to figure out what’s going on. Get a nice cool drink and get ready to settle into the sofa with your family. Here’s what’s coming up:

Tuesday, 7PM: Wipeout is the first game show this week. 24 contestants will go through some sort of challenge (The Dreadmill & Dirty Balls among them). The last man or woman standing earns $50,000. One of the producers worked on “Fear Factor,” though I don’t see “contestants will eat gross things” listed in any of the show’s information.

Tuesday, 8PM: I Survived a Japanese Game Show is up next. Now, all you have to do is go to YouTube and search “human tetris” to see why I’m excited about this show. I really want to go to Japan just to watch TV. Instead, I’m saving cash by watching this show. Ten Americans go to Japan to, you guessed it, compete on Japanese Game shows. The winner takes home $250,000. Keep your eyes peeled for Meaghan Cooper. She’s from San Antonio (and google her name to find out why DWTS’s Karina Smirnoff doesn’t like her). We’re not allowed to interview her until her time on the show is up, so you’ll have to get your fix on Tuesdays.

Tuesday, 9PM: The Outsiders is a new ABC News series. It explores the usually secret lives of real people. The first episode takes us into the Amish community, where the teens experience Rumspringa – the opportunity to live in the outside world and decide whether they should return to their Amish ways. BTW: there was a fascinating documentary about this six years ago. I recommend it.

Wednesday, 9PM: Primetime Crime is another ABC News series. It takes a look at real crimes and uncovers new evidence, presumably to help solve the crimes.

Thursday, 9PM: Hopkins will help Grey’s Anatomy fans get through the summer. It’s 1,500 hours of film in six hour-long episodes. Expect high drama from real cases, and drama outside the ER.

Friday, 7PM: Dance Machine might keep your mind in dancing shape until DWTS returns in the fall. Six ordinary people square-off in a dance competition. The studio audience whittles it down to the top two and the winner will get $100,000. It sounds a lot like a day in the life of our newsroom – only there’s no cash prize.

So there you have it. New shows to entertain you while you try to avoid a heat stroke. Don’t thank me. Thank ABC.

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