Looking For LOST?

You won’t find it tonight!

Grey’s Anatomy has a 2-hour finale tonight (they’re promising “a case unlike anything else!”), so LOST will wrap up next Thursday. Until then, I’ve got a few things that might help you get by.

Have your own theory about the Oceanic crash and what REALLY happened? Is it as good – and wordy – as this? (WARNING: If you’ve missed a few episodes, get caught up BEFORE you follow that link!)

If you have questions about what you’ve already seen, try this site. It’s one of my favorites for all things LOST!

Here’s a fun fan site.

If you’re already (sadly) counting episodes left in the series, this might cheer you up!

Of course, you can always get your fix by watching the previous episodes here. This site may also help. You can also go back to our blog’s home page and go back through the posts to read the recaps.

And if you still want more, you can go here and/or here to get some spoilers – if you dare!

If you know of another link, want to share a theory (no spoilers, PLEASE), or want to share any other feedback, drop it in the comments section! I’ll be back next week with what’s sure to be a very long recap of the 2-hour finale of LOST!

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