The Bachelorette: Week One

“Millions of viewers watched DeAnna Pappas, 26, suffer through a painful, last-minute rejection by Brad Womack on the last season of The Bachelor — earning her the sympathy of women everywhere. Now DeAnna will have the last laugh as the tables are turned and she gets to choose from among 25 bachelors in her own bid for true love!”

That’s what ABC promised. I have to say, I’ve never watched a full episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (though I have made a snap judgment as to who I think they’ll pick and break up with based on a picture). Since Julie wasn’t convinced she wanted to blog about this show, I decided to give her the nudge by starting this week. If you missed it, watch the show here, or follow the jump for my recap.

After seeing DeAnna get dumped by that Austin bar owner, I felt sorry for her. I never would have thought I’d say that because, let’s face it, how REAL are people when they claim they’re looking for love on television (have you seen some of the other “looking for love” reality shows)? I’m not sure (yet) that I believe DeAnna when she swears over and over again that she’s sure she’ll find her fairy tale ending, but I’m sure she’ll fall in like with some of these guys. Oh, and like Julie’s mentioned before, host Chris Harrison has mentioned (again) that this will be the most dramatic season yet!

The viewers get a brief glimpse of some of these guys – kind of like speed dating. Here’s what I want to know: do these guys watch the show? How do they know she’s “the one?” Is she the one who’ll get them some air time? Is she the one they want to make out with (or more)? Is she the one they want to marry? I don’t know how these dudes knew anything about DeAnna – except for what they may find in a simple online search.

Before DeAnna meets the 25 bachelors, she tells Chris she wants to feel butterflies. She wants a guy who is caring, loves her, respects her, and knows what they want (ahem, Brad, that’s a dig at YOU). Then come the guys. I’ll just mention the unusual ones.

Luke, an oyster farmer from South Carolina was terribly nervous. DeAnna, apparently trying to put him at ease, asked him to tell her something funny. He said she looked great. Then he said, “That’s not funny.”

Chandler, another southern gentleman (he’s from Virginia) got out of the limo and looked off to the left. DeAnna asked him what he was looking at, and he said her, then called her gorgeous or beautiful. I think he was looking to see what other ladies were around…He also used a duck caller around her. Weird.

In the process of awarding the three first impression roses, DeAnna had drinks with the guys, who each tried to score some one on one time.

Jeremy was the first to score a rose. He’s a real estate attorney from Dallas. When DeAnna presented him with the red flower, some guy yelled, “Jerk!” Yeah! That’s the guy I want! Seriously? That’s how you get her attention? Loser.

Jesse got the second rose. He was wearing a crazy jacket, jeans and sneakers. He’s a professional snowboarder. He told DeAnna’s friend Jenni he chose that outfit because he wanted DeAnna to know he was different.

Richard took the third rose. He’s a science teacher from New York. He gave DeAnna a crystal. She said he was dorky and a science nerd, but she liked him. I liked him a little more when he said he was picked on growing up (and look at him now).

Ron got a rose. He was the only one to show up without a jacket. Ron owns a barber shop in Missouri. During their alone time, he told DeAnna he had been divorced. That’s a red flag to some girls, but DeAnna decided to give him a chance.

Graham got a rose. DeAnna said he was her type 100%. He’s a professional basketball player. They were both bartenders at one time.

Eric also got a rose. He’s greek, like DeAnna. He’s also a senior analyst in Boston. He said he wants to marry a Greek. He told DeAnna he’s very close to his mother and that his parents would not accept anyone who is not Greek. That’s the boy she’ll want to take home to mama.

Robert is a chef in San Francisco who also got a rose. To score some alone time with DeAnna, he whipped up a little crab cocktail. DeAnna said it was “really, really good.” That irked the other guys.

Another rose goes to Sean, the martial arts master from Kentucky. He interrupted the alone time with Jesse to put on a little show: he kicked a lemon off Jesse’s head! DeAnna said it was kind of weird, but it got her attention.

Ryan received the next rose. He’s a professional football player. He told her about his faith (and we all knew from the beginning of the show that he’s a virgin – expect THAT to be played up). While they were talking outside, DeAnna said she was cold, so they shared a blanket (why didn’t he take off his jacket?), which he hogged. Another guy took his jacket out to her.

Chris, the Dallas medical salesman, also won a rose. This one stumped me a little. He admitted to DeAnna that he had cheated in a previous relationship. I guess DeAnna thinks he’ll be faithful to her. We’ll see…

Paul pulled out, um, all the stops to get the rose. The Canadian sales manager jumped into the pool, despite DeAnna’s protest. Then, asking for a rose, he did a little strip tease, revealing a speedo with DeAnna’s name on the back.

Fred received the next rose. The Chicago lawyer gave her a Chicago bear hug and told her to win and he’d come give her a hug. I don’t remember him doing anything spectacular during their one-on-one time.

Twilley, the Scot Baio look-alike, got the next rose. He’s a debt manager from Dallas. He seemed incredibly nervous the whole time. He told DeAnna her dress was sparkly and said she was a good hugger.

Jason received a rose. He spoke Greek to DeAnna. He’s an account executive in Kirkland, WA. He’s got a secret: he’s a single dad. I hope he tells DeAnna about his son next week. I’d hate for him to keep that to himself for too long.

Chris walked in and pointed out DeAnna had one rose left. Why? Total buzz kill.

Brian won the final rose. The Fort Worth high school football coach told DeAnna he was looking forward to getting to know her. He was the first bachelor to get out of the limo – maybe that’s why she remembered him!

Another Brian didn’t make the cut. He lifted up his shirt and made her touch his abs of steel. Some of the rejects seemed genuinely sad to go. Some were angry. Case in point, Greg (pictured on the right). Now, not to defend him, but I think he had a bit too much to drink. After he was sent home, he proceeded to curse, then rip off his shirt and pose. Now, note to anyone considering doing this – whether it’s on TV or in life on the REAL world: make sure your front and back isn’t all red and pimply. Total turnoff! I actually saw this part in the control room Monday night. My reaction was, “NO! Put your shirt back on!” I don’t know if I heard correctly, but I thought he even told DeAnna he did not have tattoos, but he clearly did. Ladies, if you meet Greg, you’ve been warned.

The bachelors spend six weeks getting to know DeAnna and prove to her they’re worthy of her love (and another rose). Expect hand holding, cuddling, dancing, tears, and plenty of smooching in the coming weeks.

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4 Comments on “The Bachelorette: Week One”

  1. joeruiz Says:

    How do they know she’s “the one?” Is she the one who’ll get them some air time? Is she the one they want to make out with (or more)? Is she the one they want to marry?

    They don’t. Yes. Likely. Meh.

    And not because I care (even though I usually have these shows on five monitors around me), but as a basketball fan, I’d like to know in what league this Graham guy plays. If DeAnna picks him (and it’s not like I would have turned her down for drinks or dinner on the Riverwalk or one of SA’s romantic spots), I hope she enjoys traveling to Sioux City or Podunk, Wisconsin in the D-League’s D-League on a broken down bus so he can follow his dream of being picked for the And1 Mix Tape tour.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, that’s the hostess calling for me, “Bitter, party of Joe… bitter, party of Joe.”

  2. producerjulie Says:

    Joe’s a hater. Ha! Great job, Nicole. Way to pick up the Bachelor baton! I STILL haven’t watched this episode although it’s on the DVR. Maybe by the second episode, I’ll watch the first. So, based SOLELY on your recap I like Richard the science teacher but I’ll confirm or deny that when I see him on TV. I was totally laughing at your comment about Chris Harrison pointing out the final rose. That’s his <i) thing , his schtick . He really has no other hosting duties besides his over-the-top voice overs at the beginning and end of the shows. The announcement of the final rose adds to the suspense and drama. (pshaw!)

  3. producerjulie Says:

    Okay, so I FINALLY watched this episode. My top five are Graham, Jeremy, Richard, Jesse and Jason. But if it were me — I would have changed my picks for roses. Sean, Eric, Fred, Paul and probably Ryan would have gone home. And I would have kept floppy-haired Patrick, Patrick D, Jeffrey, and maybe even Chandler and Brian IN in spite of the whole duck-calling, feel-my-abs incident. It looks like martial arts dude goes far. That surprises me. He seems weird and that hair is AWFUL! I can’t wait for your recap tomorrow. I’ll try to watch the episode in a more timely fashion.

  4. Lori Says:

    Are you kidding ?? After Brian stepped out of that limo I didn’t see anyone else. I don’t understand why he didn’t get more attention. So what if he watches a lot of football ? I just wish I knew him and was a little younger…like about TWENTY years !!!

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