DWTS: The Final Dance

After 2,857 combined hours of training, 89 competitive routines, 2,125 judges points, several gallons of spray tan – mostly on Edyta, and three trips to the emergency room, it all comes down to this.

That’s how Tom Bergeron set the stage for the finale last night. If you were expecting the best performances of the season, well, you kinda got them (just not from all three contestants). Cristian and Jason did their best to appeal to the ladies by showing some skin, while Kristi just did what she does best. My recap and prediction after the jump.

If you missed last night’s show, watch it here.

For the first time ever, the three contestants danced back to back to back in the “Cha Cha Faceoff.” Set to Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling,” the contestants each had one minute to shine. Cristian was up first. He apparently forgot to button his shirt. I thought Cheryl did most of the work here. But Crisitan smiled his way through their 60 second performance. Jason was next. He came out in a vest (sans shirt). I thought it was good, though he looked lost a little. He nearly danced on the ceiling when he leaped over Edyta! Then came Kristi. This girl came out in a shimmery outfit, very similar to the one posted here. She was fantastic. I thought her moves were fast and fun. Once her minute was up, all the teams came together, again Jason looked lost (he says a guy his size can’t cha cha).

Len said he loved it. He said Cristian had great hips and rhythm, and “got all the gear in the rear.” As for Jason, he said he felt sorry for him because he thought Jason was better at ballroom. He said Kristi had it all: technique, style, hips rhythm – the complete package.

Bruno said Cristian showed improvement from the first week. He said Jason’s timing was tough. He called Kristi classy and a star.

Carrie Ann said Cristian was fantastic. She thought Jason carried it off with a lot of fun. And she said Kristi won that stage of the competition “hands down.”


Cristian: 26

Jason: 24

Kristi: 30

Am I the only one annoyed by Samantha Harris? That girl says “of course” a hundred times during the show – and she hardly gets anything to say.

Now, onto the freestyle dances…

Kristi was first, and boy did she set the bar high for the guys. There were so many crazy lifts, including one in which she’s upside down, doing the splits while Mark spins her around! It was just exhausting. Bruno called it an inspiring fusion of mambo and hip hop. He said she made it look easy (I didn’t think so because there’s no way I could have done all that!). Carrie Ann said she loved it. Len said he absolutely loved it. SCORE: 30

Jason and Edyta had two themes: skin is in and Miami. Edyta was basically dancing in a bikini while Jason danced in pants and a tank top. Edyta played to Jason’s strengths – literally. He did a lot of lifting Edyta, but not so much dancing. Then, at the end, Edyta ripped his shirt off (maybe it’s because I was watching this at 12:30 a.m., but I actually yawned when that happened). Carrie Ann said, “Who knew Jason Taylor can get funky?” Len said the lifts were fantastic. Bruno said, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it…It was like watching centerfolds!” SCORE: 27

Cristian was last. He forgot to button his shirt. His dance was Latin throughout. There were so many one-armed lifts! His right arm must be really strong! I thought the actual dancing was better than Jason’s, though Jason’s lifts were better. Len said some of the lifts were not up to standards. Bruno said, “For one arm, you did bloody well – a true Latin stallion.” Carrie Ann said he never gave up. SCORE: 26

Kristi definitely deserves to win this. She’s been fairly consistent from week one. As for who’ll get cut first, I’m torn. All the dancers will do one last dance tonight – hoping to improve their scores on a dance they’ve previously performed. Maybe then I’ll decide which one of these guys deserves to come in second.

If you like Usher, good news! He’s performing tonight! The finale starts at 8pm on KSAT-12 (if you’re not in the San Antonio area, check your local listings). May the best dancer (Kristi) win!

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