DWTS: So Long, Shannon

Hello, Jason! For the first time in this competition, Kristi has been knocked out of first place – by Jason. Lots to talk about the elimination show. Follow the jump!

I’ll do this in order of importance…

1. Shannon & Derek got cut. Now, in some other reality shows I watch, if you cry and complain, people will keep voting for you. Guess that’s not the case with “Dancing” fans! Time will tell if the partners have more than a show-mance. Who knows? They could be together as long as Mario & Karina. If anyone cares.

2. Cristian says he has a ruptured tendon in his left arm that needs surgery. However, if the people want him to keep dancing, he’ll delay surgery to make them happy. Now, I gotta say I like his spirit, but this pretty boy is NOT a professional dancer! Why is he willing to suffer through what’s gotta be excruciating pain to do this show? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing him every week. But, he’s going to have a hard time keeping up next week. I’ll explain in point number five.

3. Def Leppard was probably not performing live. I know they’ve been rocking “Pour Some Sugar On Me” since I was in middle school, but you’d think after being forced to perform that every time they play, they’d mix it up a bit. Instead, they sounded just like they do on my iPod. What? I’ve been known to turn it up and sing along. My car windows are up, so I’m not forcing others to listen to me. Get over it. Oh, and do you think they had any idea there’d be ballroom dancers stomping and twirling their way through their music? I thought that was a bit strange. Wait. I’m the girl who sings along to 80s hair bands. Maybe I’m the strange one.

4. I actually missed the kid performers. They are so cute! And they can shimmy and shake better than some of the grownups. I still think this would be a great summertime TV show. ABC, call me!

5. Next week, the dancers get to do lifts – without a cranky judge (or three) frowning upon it. The new rule is they can do one lift per dance and it must fit the dance (whatever that means). So, yay! There won’t be any bickering or points deducted if someone’s foot comes off the ground! Bring it on!

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