The Guys Missed A Step (Or Two)

I’ve chosen the cougar for this week’s picture for my Dancing With The Stars recap. It has nothing to do with her outfit from last week. Find out why after the jump! Reaction to who was cut after the jump!

For the most part, the ladies really stepped it up last night. The guys were OK – some better than in the first two weeks. But most of the ladies just outscored ’em. Here’s the recap:

Marlee Matlin & Fabian Sanchez

Their jive was fun. She had a few minor missteps, but come on! She can’t hear the music! i know, that’s not an excuse, but it’s still amazing what she’s able to do. She looked great, too! Her score: 21.

Steve “The Gutte” Guttenberg & Anna Trebuskaya

The tango was certainly his best dance yet. He didn’t smile until about halfway through judging. I actually missed the goofy smile. I did not miss his white suit that he wore last week. His score: 21.

Christian de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke

Their jive was fun to watch. I wish Christian’s kicks would have been a little higher. The lack of sleeves on his costume tonight probably helped with the judges. His score: 25.

Mario & Karina Smirnoff

They did a tango. My first thought – WOW! And the music was kinda weird. It was the strangest version of “Roxanne” I’ve ever heard. Then, at the end he kind of lost his place. Len didn’t like the dance much, saying he was “bitterly disappointed.” It showed. His score: 21.

Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough

They did a jive. Shannon’s new name: Legs McGee! Her incredibly long legs looked like helicopter blades whirring about the dance floor! She and Derek move well together. Her score: 24.

Adam Carolla & Julianne  Hough

They tangoed. This is something I never thought I’d write: Adam danced well. I noticed that once I got over Julianne’s weird short, brown wig. I’ve also decided Adam reminds me of Eugene Levy. I’ve never seen him dance, but I imagine it would look a lot like Adam. The judges also noticed Adam’s improvement, with Carrie Ann calling him “sexy” and Bruno comparing them to Catherine Zeta Jones and Antonio Banderas in “Zorro.” His score: 21.

Marissa Jaret Winokur & Tony Dovolani

They did the jive. One word about the performance: precise. It really wasn’t that fun to watch. It seemed like she was just going through the emotions. And at times, it looked more like a jazz dance than the jive. The judges were pretty harsh on her, calling her dance too simple. Her score: 19.

Prisicilla Presley & Louis Van Amstel

They did the tango. Why did I call a cougar (and if you don’t know what that is, you should be watching more television)? Watching her dance was like watching a cougar on the prowl in a nightclub. They have such chemistry. She moves really well – sometimes better than the contestants half her age! Her score: 26.

Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska

They did the jive. Now, Jason’s 6’6″ – a big guy – so when he kicked, he KICKED! I only wish the camera didn’t cut away when he was dancing. I thought they did a good job. His score: 23.

Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas

They did the final tango. The dancing was, as expected, really good. However, the music was weird. It was “Rio.” Now, when I hear that song, I don’t think of a tango. I think of Duran Duran slithering across a beach with rock mullets. And speaking of hair, Kristi’s hair was a little strange, too, like something you see in those weird magazines while waiting to get a haircut. You see it and go, “Who does THAT?” I know I’m hating on things that don’t matter a whole lot. But, frankly, Kristi’s my pick to win. I have to find SOMETHING to pick on! Her score: 27.

My Prediction: I think Marissa will go home tonight. I think The Gutte could be in danger, too. We’ll find out which celeb has done the last dance tonight at 8. And if you like Kylie Minogue, this is your week. She’s performing on the results show.

UPDATE: The Gutte was eliminated!!! I was disappointed because he was not the lowest scoring dancer (AND he’s The Gutte). I wish they’d say who the second lowest scoring dancer is! Marissa had better step it up next week!

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3 Comments on “The Guys Missed A Step (Or Two)”

  1. producerjulie Says:

    OK, am I the only one who notices Mark Ballas bizarre facial expressions? I noticed them last season and now I find it so distracting that I find myself watching his face instead of the dancing. If you still have this week’s performance on DVR, check it out! He opens and closes his mouth so much that he looks like a guppy.

  2. Dreama Says:

    I noticed it too, producerjulie! When I was watching I was IMing with a friend and I said “this dancer (Mark Ballas) keeps making faces like he’s trying to eat something that tastes weird. Or that’s moving away from his mouth.”

  3. producerjulie Says:

    Ha Ha! Thank you Dreama for validating my observation. Now everybody else needs to watch for it next week so they can laugh along with us.

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