The Weather Dogs


Years ago we introduced the KSAT weather dogs Booker and Molly and later Mad Max. They were beautiful collies and I still get questions about them to this day. What always amazes me was that everyone seems to assume that they were my dogs even though I often mentioned that their real owner was KSAT photographer Raymond Ramirez. Raymond was a talented guy who loved to show his beautiful dogs on TV. He would make little skits, dress the dogs up, shoot and edit the video. I said I would air them as long as they were 30 seconds or less. The rest is history and Stars were born. People loved the KSAT weather dogs and we would try to air something new each week. They were always entertaining and in keeping with the season he would have them cooking Thanksgiving dinner or cooling off by the sprinkler in the summer. I never could figure out how the dogs tolerated the different costumes so well but Raymond has his magic.

Raymond and his weather dogs left KSAT in the mid 1990’s for a job in Houston. We tried to have him send video pieces back to us by satellite. It just wasn’t the same. (I think because Raymond could no longer see his “babies” on TV) I talked to Raymond today and he is still a videographer working for the FOX affiliate in Houston. Booker, Molly and Mad Max are in doggie heaven now survived by Booker and Molly’s grandson, Sammy.

We miss them.

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8 Comments on “The Weather Dogs”

  1. loseofit Says:

    no no they died

  2. Jane Says:

    Those dogs were great. I was so interested in what happened to them I walked out of the room while the news was on and missed the weather!

  3. Terri Says:

    We were privlidged to have one of Booker and Mollie’s offspring. His name was Booker, Jr. or B.J. for short. We had to find him a new home 3 years ago so I don’t know if he is still alive or not. He was a great dog and we even dressed him up once in a Missions shirt and we called him the “Mission’s Mut”. Thanks for the update.

  4. Thanks for updating about those weather pooches. I have missed them and the lighthearted, creative spots. Glad to know Mr. Ramirez is keeping their legacy going with a grand-dog!

  5. Cheryl Holmes Says:

    That just breaks my heart that they are gone! I kept hoping to see them again after they left KSAT. The weather was never the same…Those were the most awesome dogs, and so smart, entertaining and beautiful. Obviously very very loved too! We all loved them and miss them so much…

    Collies are so awesome, I have 1 and a sheltie. These 2 breeds pretty much tolerate any thing you want to do with them. They’re such loving breeds and so wanting to please their owners. God bless Booker, Molly and Mad Max. They’re never with us long enough! Bless Mr. Ramirez for sharing his beloved pets with us too. We watched them all the way from Fredericksburg. If he ever does this again, he should get the dogs agents and share their with all the weather people in the world…such fond, sweet memories…thanks you! cheryl

  6. Janet Says:

    It is sad to know that all three “celebrity” dogs are not still with us. It is nice to know that at least a little part of them remains with us, in “Sammy!” Any chance of getting pics of him to share with us? That would be a real piece of bright news on any given news day!

  7. Raymond Says:

    …hi everyone…

    …it was great talking to Steve…we didn’t have enough time to catch up on EVERYTHING…but…I was touched to find out that people still ask about Booker, Mollie and Max…I wasn’t planning on getting Sammy…named after Sammy Hagar…of course…”into the business”…but he LOVES to get in front of the camera!!!!

    …every once in awhile…I will pick up my camera…in a hurry…only to find a BIG nose print in the middle of the lens…camera hog in the making…

    …I told Steve I would start sending him some pictures of Sammy…and I thought…maybe you guys should send Steve some pictures of your dogs or pets…who knows…maybe we can start some kind of weather dog network for Steve…sorry Steve…even more work for you!!!!

    …thanks again everyone…

    …see ya soon…


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