It’s a man date!


Yes, there are guys who watch Dancing With The Stars. I know this because in seasons past, the volume comes up in the newsroom when this show starts. They’re probably not in it for the dancing itself, more like the ladies and their teeny tiny costumes. I’m not outing anyone specifically, though the guys who sit not too far from me know who they are. Five bucks and I’ll name names.

Anyway, back to the competition. Tonight, the guys take the stage. Now, I haven’t seen them dance, but I’m happy to pre-judge. If you want to know what I think of them? Keep reading.

Contestant: Adam Carolla

Why He’s A Star: He currently has a nationally syndicated radio show. I know him from back in the day on The Man Show and Loveline with Dr. Drew.

Why He’ll Win: He’s partnered with defending champ Julianne Hough (she whipped Apollo Ono and Helio Castroneves driver into shape).

Why He Won’t Win: Unlike Juliane’s previous winners, Adam’s not an athlete. In fact, he looks a little frail. I wonder if the show keeps the pros from working with too many possible contenders and slips them duds every now and then.

Contestant: Christian de la Fuente

Why He’s A Star: Well, he’s a star in another universe – Spanish language stuff, like Univision’s Como ama una mujer. He’s also had an appearance on one of my faves, Ugly Betty. I also remember him from People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful.”

Why He’ll Win: He’s partnered with Cheryl Burke (who managed to turn Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith into dancing machines). Plus, he’s in the Chilean Air Force Reserve as a member of the High Aerobatics Team. I don’t know what that is, but is sounds like it might come in handy!

Why He Won’t Win: I don’t know that ABC wants Cheryl to take home a third disco ball trophy, so I’m guessing it’s possibly this beautiful man could have two left feet. Oh how I hope he proves me wrong.

Constestant: Steve Guttenberg

Why He’s A Star: Do I really have to tell you? Police Academy, Three Men And A Baby, Short Circuit, Cocoon. If those don’t ring a bell, you probably weren’t born until the 90’s. Rent the movies, or at the very least look them up online.

Why He’ll Win: He’s funny, and in this competition, a sense of humor can go a long way.

Why He Won’t Win: He was hurt filming a movie I’ve never heard of (P.S. Your Cat Is Dead) and still struggles to make his left side keep up with his right. Something else I’ve never heard of: his partner is Anna Trebunskaya (try saying that three times fast). Never heard of her. Then again, that could be why they’ll wind up in the finals!

Contestant: Mario (that’s it – no last name)

Why He’s A Star: He’s got plenty of singles out that are a hit with the young kids (one of our producers instantly knew who he was and she’s pretty hip to what the kids like these days. I, myself, am not always hip, perhaps because I keep using that word).

Why He’ll Win: Two words – Karina Smirnoff. She got Slater, I mean Mario Lopez, a trophy and she got stuck with a lame duck last season —. Plus, Mario’s an R&B star. He’s GOT to have some moves!

Why He Won’t Win: Wait. I might take back that last statement. I just remembered Master P’s moves – or lack thereof. I’m on the fence about Mario. If he doesn’t do well, at least he could perform on one of those elimination nights.

Contestant: Penn Jillette

Why He’s A Star: He’s the talking half of the illusionist team Penn & teller. He was also partially responsible for the naughty documentary, The Aristocrats (warning: not The Aristocats – that’s animated cat fun, my friend).

Why He’ll Win: Um, no.

Why He Won’t Win: His partnership with Kym Johnson has me seeing Springer flashbacks (not the chanting from his show “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry”). If he moves as uncomfortably as Springer, he’ll be out quickly. That is, unless people start voting for the worst dancer to keep him in it for a while. Don’t let Penn see this. He might cut me in half!

Contestant: Jason Taylor

Why He’s A Star: If being named the NFL’s Man of The Year isn’t enough for you, you’ll need to take a look at his stats.

Why He’ll Win: Another athlete driven to win. Plus, he’s one good looking guy partnered with another good looking person: pro Edyta Sliwinska.

Why He Won’t Win: He might want to go home early so he can get ready for some football (the show could compete with training camp).

Tomorrow night, we’ll see the ladies. Until then, watch the fellas tonight on KSAT 12 at 7pm. Feel free to let me know what you think of the contestants (or my predictions) in the comments section. And come back to the blog tomorrow. I’ll preview the ladies who dare put on the heels and skimpy costumes in hopes of getting your votes.

And if watching the show isn’t enough for you, you can play the DWTS fantasy game! Just click here to sign up!

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2 Comments on “It’s a man date!”

  1. Carol Says:

    That would be APOLO OHNO, thank you very much. But glad to see men acknowledging they actually watch this show.

  2. ksatproducer Says:

    You’re right! Thanks!

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