“Lost” Talk


First, let me tell you I’m a TV junkie. One of my favorite shows is “Lost.” This season has been amazing! At the end of every episode, I’m wide-eyed screaming, “WHAT!?!?” at my television. Last night was no exception.

If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading here. If you want to watch it now, ABC has posted it online for free.

I have questions I’m hoping you can answer. Here goes…

Did you hear Ben’s voice in the jungle telling Juliet, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

What is in Juliet’s file that she doesn’t want Jack to see?

Now that we know who owns the freighter, can we trust Ben’s explanation as to why he wants access to the island?

Ben told John to take a seat before revealing the identity of his man on the boat. But why do we have to wait until next week? And who is it?

That last question is supposed to be answered next week. And we’re supposed to FINALLY learn the identity of the last person called the “Oceanic 6.”

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4 Comments on ““Lost” Talk”

  1. Dube Says:

    I was wondering what the voices in the jungle were saying! That’s one huge mystery we still have – what exactly ARE the whispers? They could be connected to Smoky and the apparitions it creates, or maybe connected to Jacob perhaps, or the island natives (like Richard). Crazy!

    As for Ben… I don’t think we can trust anything he says. Everything out of his mouth is a manipulation of some sort.

  2. Mike H Says:

    Better yet, what did Syid (sp) give or tell John to get the Aussie chic back to the helicopter? Will that be given up in return for what Ben tells him?

    Would like to say one of the Koreans is the 6th survior. Is the other in the coffin?

  3. Dube Says:

    I think Sayid traded Miles for the Aussie girl!

  4. […] Don’t forget to watch “Lost” tonight on KSAT 12 at 8pm (the recap is at 7). Then, come back here tomorrow morning and we’ll talk about the show. Previous Posts: “Lost” Talk, March 7, 2008  […]

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