Projected Texas Winner: Clinton

The math involved in projecting a winner where – as I type, people are STILL trying to vote and tens of thousands of ballots are still being counted – hurts my head. However, Sen. Clinton has been named the winner here in Texas.

Here’s what she said to her supporters, “Some people were ready to count us out. But you and I proved them wrong, just as we have every time they tried to declare this race over prematurely. And we’re going to keep showing them exactly what we can do.”

Sen. Obama told his supporters, “We know this – no matter what happens tonight, we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination.”

Is it possible the candidates could wake up and find out the projection was wrong? Sure. I’ve been watching the numbers increase slowly all night. And I have the feeling that when the sun comes up, the numbers will surge. Who knows which candidate will benefit from those late night ballots.

I applaud those voters undeterred by chilly weather or long lines. That is true patriotism. Texans voted in record numbers in this primary election. I hope as many, if not more, will turn out in November to vote for Sen. McCain and his democratic challenger. It’s an exciting time to be a voter! Don’t lose the momentum now – there will be a runoff election in some races. Oh, and there will be some local races – like the venue tax issue – in May.

If you wake up before the sun, watch GMSA for the latest numbers and reaction. And you can always find it here on!

I’m still soliciting for our friendly website…please, send us some pictures of your primary politicking. And let us know what you thought about the wild world of elections (even what you think about our nifty little blog) by dropping us an email at or in the comments section that follows the posts.

Now, get some sleep. We’ll still be here…just like I predicted… All Night Long…

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4 Comments on “Projected Texas Winner: Clinton”

  1. The life of a Great producer. Staying up as later as their fans. Keep the Starbucks coming!

  2. ksatproducer Says:

    I wish I had some Starbucks! If only they delivered…

  3. Joy Hendrix Says:

    I think your Blog is terrific! Congratulations!

    However, I must send you my sentiments on the election results of last night. I AM IN SHOCK!!!! How in the world can the people of the great state of Texas even think of having another Clinton in the White House?? I am so sorry, but it made me VERY sad to call myself a Texan!
    I cannot believe that Hillary Clinton tells everyone that she is the best person for the job! Does she not see that she is dividing this country? She lost 11 states in a row, could she not see the message there? Why doesn’t she just concede and get the Democratic Party behind one candidate? I know she feels the constant need to feed her ego, but let’s get real! She doesn’t stand a chance of EVER being elected President.
    What she is doing – on an almost hourly basis – is only helping to tear down the United States of America!

  4. Barack Ocalvert Says:

    How is hating the Clintons a way to be a better Texan? Has Bush (a Texan) brought respect to the office of President? Has he “built up” this great nation, or plunged us into isolationism, war, and economic uncertainty?
    Maybe the rest of the state sees something in Clinton past the negative republican spin generated during Bill’s presidency (which wasn’t that bad a time for our country, in retrospect). Explain, in some detail, how she is “tearing down our country”? By wanting universal health care? I haven’t heard too many statements from her that would lead me to believe that comment…

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